Use Case: Automating Network Configuration Changes with Check Point API’s


Network automation is gaining more importance in today’s ever-growing, complex networks.

The ability to automate the management of network configurations in an intelligent way, can allow the security and network administrators to focus their efforts on other tasks.


BackBox Task Automation

One of the main features and subsequent benefits of BackBox, is the ability to automate the daily management of network configurations in an intuitive and intelligent way.

Intelligent Automation from BackBox enables security and network administrators to distribute network configurations to a single or multiple devices, either as a single task or repeatedly.

In addition, BackBox Intelligent Automation will take into account, conditions that will have varying results and respond accordingly.


BackBox and Check Point Use Case

BackBox utilizes network protocols such as SSH, TELNET, HTTP, HTTPS to interact with CLI or GUI interfaces as well as vendor specific API’s, to automate network configuration tasks.

With the release of Check Point R80, a more robust, flexible Check Point API was introduced that allowed BackBox to automate many of the Check Point Firewall configuration tasks required on a daily basis.

Now, with the new API, BackBox can control in addition to the Check Point Firewall configuration, to be leveraged to affect the Check Point Firewall policy.


Automation Example: Adding A Network Object to Check Point Firewall

In this use case, a simple configuration task of adding a new network object to the firewall configuration is performed.

This task can add any number of network objects swiftly and efficiently.


1. Create a task job by choosing the task and affected devices

2. Enter values for dynamic fields

3. Run the task



By using the powerful network automation functionality included within the BackBox solution, security and network administrators are able to effectively and efficiently manage their network configuration change requirements.


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BackBox Use Case Series

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