Network and
Security Infrastructure Automation

BackBox is a vendor-agnostic network automation engine that lets you record a sequence of commands and have them execute automatically, across any combination of devices, when specified conditions are met.

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A single, centralized solution that works with all devices


Prebuilt automations, ready to use


Vendors supporting thousands of devices

Flexible and Future-Proof

Adding new automations or customizing existing ones can be done yourself via GUI, without any knowledge of scripting: simply enter the same commands you would if you were logged into the device directly.

If you prefer, the BackBox support team can build new automations for you and push them to your instance immediately. There’s no need to wait for the next release to get the automation you need.

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  • 5-step verification process prior to backing up the device configurations

  • One-Click recovery and manual recovery procedures per device

  • Credential and Configuration File Encryption

  • Hardened and Secure Operating System based on stripped-down Linux OS

  • HTTPS support for devices that do not give access by CLI

  • Distributed Architecture supports MSP’s and large enterprises

  • Multi-tenant and role-based administration

  • Auto discovery of new devices

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