Live Demo

BackBox Network
Vulnerability Manager

Tuesday October 31, 2023
11:00AM CDT (UTC-5)

BackBox Network Vulnerability Management (NVM) is the first and only platform that helps network administrators easily discover vulnerabilities in their network, allowing them to prioritize and automate mitigation and remediation. 

With the addition of NVM to the BackBox Network Automation Platform, you will now be able to close the loop between dynamic inventory, vulnerability and threat intelligence for firewalls and other network and security devices, and automated OS upgrades to remediate vulnerabilities. 


Perry Greenwood

Principal Product Manager

Network engineer attendees will learn:

  • How to collect your network inventory using BackBox
  • How inventory is mapped to threat and vulnerability information, like CVEs, and scored for risk assessment
  • How to help the business understand the importance of device OS and firmware updates as a source of vulnerability protection
  • How automated updates or configuration mitigation can be used to eliminate network vulnerabilities
  • How to simplify OS and firmware updates to minimize network disruptions and eliminate after-hours and weekend work

Join Perry Greenwood as he demonstrates NVM on October 31 at 11am CT and find out how you, as a network administrator, can get your nights and weekends back and save tons of manual vulnerability tracking by implementing BackBox Network Vulnerability Manager.

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