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Stop Spending Nights and Weekends Manually Updating Network and Security Devices

Wednesday, September 6, 2023
10:00AM CDT (UTC-5)


Chanoch Marmorstein

Director of Product Management

Service Providers can save time, improve network availability, and create differentiated value-added services using BackBox. 

BackBox is a network and security device automation platform that can automate repetitive tasks that are error-prone and consume a lot of network engineer's time. Having started as an MSP before pivoting to software, BackBox has the architecture service providers need to deliver more complete and valuable offerings. 

In this webinar see how other service providers are taking advantage of BackBox to:

  1. Deliver off-site, encrypted backups
  2. Perform OS updates and vulnerability patching without giving up nights and weekends
  3. Develop value-added compliance services offerings with prebuilt CIS, HIPAA, PCI compliance automations
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