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Why Network and Security Device Backups Are Critical

How organizations can significantly improve their Network and Security Device Backup Process

IT infrastructure has increasingly become more complex in organizations and consequently, trying to manage and support ALL network and security devices to ensure business continuity has become more difficult and time consuming. In order to avoid critical network downtime, every device must be configured correctly to provide the necessary connectivity and security.

BackBox provides a  simple way to backup and restore network and security device configurations

BackBox provides a simple way to backup and restore device configuration to ensure that recovery from a failure or disaster is much faster to track and correct configurations for each device. With BackBox, configuration information is saved automatically and on a regular basis, this means that an organization can be confident that it has all the correct network configuration settings at any time.

Many organizations do not save and backup configurations for load balancers and content filers.  In addition, backups for routers and switch settings are rarely performed.  With firewalls, manual backups are most commonly used and often there is no central coordination of this process or verification that it was done correctly.  Settings for offsite storage devices are often backed up manually, and may or may not be backed up frequently enough. With custom devices, many organisations depend on vendor-based backup capability which may not be adequate.

Using BackBox, you can have one solution to offer automatic, scheduled and verified backups for the following features:



Routers Rarely Saved Automatic Backup Schedule
Switches Rarely Saved Automatic Backup Schedule
Firewalls Manual Process Automatic Backup Schedule
Load Balancers No Backups Automatic Backup Schedule
Content Filters No Backups Automatic Backup Schedule
Custom Devices Vendor Based Automatic Backup Schedule
Centralized Backup Dashboard Not Available Real-time Dashboard with Device Status & Backup Verification
Notifications Limited eMail Reports & Syslogs
Reports None Scheduled Report Summaries
Off Site Storage Manual Automatic Support for TFTP, SCP & FTP

BackBox is operated from a user-friendly central dashboard that you can access backup status in real-time. An organisation can schedule automatic email and Syslog notifications, as well as reports summarizing network and security device backup status using the dashboard.

BackBox offers a simple solution that takes care of all your network device configuration backups, and can be a critical element of your organization’s disaster recovery plan. In addition, it provides a convenient and powerful way to ensure all network devices are configured correctly at all times.  Any organization can benefit from assured business continuity, improved network security and reduced impact of network downtime.