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Centralized Device Management for all Network and Security Device Configurations

BackBox is the simple way to backup and restore device configurations, offering centralized management for all your security and network device configurations in a single application with a convenient real-time dashboard.

Using the BackBox dashboard overview, you save time and eliminate the need to track individual network devices and multiple device management systems.

Centralized Device Management - Status - BackBox.com

BackBox is fully automated and non-intrusive, with no agents required and no network configuration changes required to accomplish regularly scheduled, automated configuration backups.

Network Device Management

With BackBox, your administrator can gain direct access to the centralized device management interface. This allows opening either a command line interface or web interface directly to a device from BackBox.

BackBox ships with many pre-configured commands that can be used with one click to get responses from remote devices, and the pre-configured commands can be customized by the administrator if desired.

Network Device Management - BackBox.com

In addition, you get full audit logs with this feature and:

  • CLI Access to the Device
  • HTTP/s Popup based on IP and Port
  • Pre-Configured Commands
  • Full Audit Log
  • Authentication Required
  • Fully Customizable