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Distributed Network Architecture

BackBox allows the option to distribute the BackBox architecture. This effectively means that BackBox can now be installed on multiple interacting systems and have separate management and agent systems.

The BackBox Management System enforces operational tasks (backup, recovery, inventory, etc.) to the BackBox Agent, collecting status information and backup configuration files into a single management system.

The BackBox Agent System then executes required tasks assigned to it by the BackBox Management System and synchronizes the information. This type of architecture eliminates the need for multiple firewall rules when backing up remote devices, and it enables data redundancy between the Management and Agent systems, providing an additional layer of redundancy.

Multi-Tenant and Virtual Sites

BackBox supports the addition of virtual sites so that individual network administrators can only view the devices assigned to them. This allows managed service providers and businesses to install BackBox once, and allow different users to manage their own assigned network infrastructure devices and backups.

This feature also supports:

  • Role-based administration
  • Lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP)
  • RADIUS networking protocol
  • SSH key cryptographic network protocol
  • Authentication templates