Protect Your Systems 24×7 Through Automated Network Security Measures

Any company that deals with customer data need to ensure that the information collected is safe and secure. The larger the company, the greater is the need to not just keep data secure but also to do a configuration backup regularly. When companies are just starting, and the customer base is still small, it is much easier to manage security, backup, and recovery manually.

But as the customer base grows, it gets harder and harder to maintain everything while depending only on human capability. While humans remain in control of the way systems work, there are limitations to the number of systems that can be managed manually. Another important factor that comes into play in non-automated systems is the possibility of human error. As the workload grows, so does the possibility of human error.


The problem

In a world where everything is connected, security threats are very real. An individual’s personal information like name, age, address, bank details, medical records, and so on are extremely valuable. As a company, when a customer trusts you with their information, you have an obligation to keep that data as secure as possible, Firewalls and other security solutions can help you achieve those.

You also have to keep the data safe through regular configuration backups in order to have a seamless recovery in case of data corruption or loss. There is constant need to check for weak spots in security systems and other vulnerabilities to your systems. This can be done manually but needs to be done with unfailing regularity.

Configuration backups also need to be scheduled regularly so as not to let any information fall through the cracks. This too can be done manually, but there can be very little room for missing schedules. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable, and many factors can affect why a human can’t make a scheduled backup or track configuration changes in real time. If these lapses happen in the case of particularly sensitive changes, it can be a real problem.

Furthermore, when there are numerous systems in the network, it becomes increasingly harder for one or even a few individuals to maintain all systems. Companies can choose to hire more employees, but this comes with its own share of problems. Not only is hiring new staff expensive for a company but also time-consuming. Both the hiring and training processes divert the time and resources of a company that could have been used more productively.


The solution

The solution comes in the form of network automation and particularly disaster recovery. Automation of all systems in the network, task automation, and automation of configuration backup and recovery. Here we discuss some of the advantages of network automation and how companies benefit from these processes.

Simplified process: When dealing with many systems, each one could throw up its own complexities. With every individual system on a network, there is greater room for errors and oversight. When you use network automation, you unify all systems under one process, thereby reducing the chances of any error. Under these circumstances, if there is a configuration backup that needs to be scheduled, the systems engineer can set it up from a centralized point, and all systems are automatically covered.

Network automation simplifies processes, saves time, and greatly reduces the chances of anything going wrong. Also, once backups are automated, it takes the pressure of one or two people always having to keep track of when backups are required.

Time-saving: We have already established that network automation is more effective and more secure than trying to do the task manually. Task automation also helps save a lot of time. Having automated network security and backup system in place means that all machines and devices on the network are protected at the same time.

Imagine having a system engineer having to check a hundred computers one at a time for a security threat. That would take a considerable amount of time. It is even possible that while one machine is being checked, significant data loss can occur from other places on the network. Task automation checks and secures all systems at once saving time, effort, and resources.

Task automation allows you to perform simple tasks on multiple devices, complex automated upgrades across the network, or push a configuration onto multi-vendor devices in a time and energy efficient manner. By incorporating task automation, you can save time and resources, decrease the chance of human error, and tighten security by ensuring that you never miss an update or upgrade.


How BackBox can help

BackBox provides Intelligent Automation for all network and security devices. The tools provided by BackBox can place blanket protection on all your networked systems while scheduling configuration backups and secure storage of data. The system is easy to use and takes the pressure off individuals to try and solve all security issues and conduct regular backups manually.

By integrating BackBox’s Automation tools into your system, you gain a simple way to ensure that device backups are fully collected and stored securely.

An entire configuration can also be restored in a simple and easy way. Along with the security automation software, BackBox software can provide thousands of other task automation.

BackBox’s IntelliChecks is an automation tool that keeps a constant check on the health of your systems. The software helps to maintain uniformity and consistency of your device configuration. IntelliChecks protect your system by detecting weaknesses and providing the right security.

BackBox brings companies a fail-safe task automation, configuration backup and disaster recovery system. In any eventuality, your systems are protected 24X7. The product can provide centralized management for over 160 different technology managers.

A complete configuration backup helps a company reboot faster and with less hassle in case of a wide number of eventualities. With BackBox systems failures, natural disasters, cyber attacks and so on are no longer a major threat to any company.

The automation of tasks across the network frees up the time and resources of a company and its employees for other more productive tasks.

BackBox is revolutionizing disaster recovery, task automation, and systems protection for companies.

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