Reliable, Scalable Network Automation

BackBox is the world’s most trusted network automation platform, automating both daily tasks and large projects on thousands of networks worldwide. With BackBox you can administer network and security devices at scale, across multivendor networks of any size.

Use one of 5,000 customizable automations out of the box, or build your own using only the CLI or API commands you already use for administration. Any task you can perform manually, across any combination of devices, can be automated with BackBox, like:

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    Trusted Backup & Restore

    Automate both backup and restore functions for network infrastructure including firewalls, routers, switches, IDSs, IPS, and more.

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    OS Updates & Patch Management

    Automate the management of operating system and software updates for critical network infrastructure devices.

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    Config Audit & Remediation

    Continuous grooming to a golden configuration keeps the network secure, compliant, and aligned with business needs.

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Network Security Automation

Network security automation continuously improves the security function of network infrastructure devices by automating software updates and vulnerability management, compliance assurance and remediation, backup and recovery, and the continuous grooming and optimization of configurations.

"87% of organizations have experienced an attempted exploit of an already-known, existing vulnerability"


2022 Cyber Security Report

"By 2025, 25% of enterprises will automate more than half of their network activities."


Market Guide for Network Automation Tools
February 2022

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Since 2011, more than 500 network operations teams and MSPs globally have counted on BackBox to continuously enhance the health, performance, and security of their network infrastructure through intelligent, security-minded automation. We believe that network security automation should be easy, attainable, and provide our customers with unprecedented time savings and reduced risk.


  • 5-Step Verification

    5-step verification process prior to backing up the device configurations

  • Distributed Architecture Support

    Distributed Architecture supports MSP's and large enterprises

  • Secure Encryption

    Credential and Configuration File Encryption

  • Auto discovery of new devices

    Auto discovery of new devices

  • Wide HTTPS Support

    HTTPS support for devices that do not give access by CLI

  • One-Click Recovery

    One-Click recovery and manual recovery procedures per device

  • Multi-tenant and role-based administration

    Multi-tenant and role-based administration

  • Hardened & Secure OS

    Hardened and Secure Operating System based on stripped-down Linux OS

BackBox Pricing

BackBox is priced on a per-device model. Subscriptions start at $1,375 annually for a minimum deployment of 25 network infrastructure devices, and scale up to many thousands. Please contact us for more detailed pricing.

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