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Use Case: Restoring Device Configuration to a Previous state



Disaster recovery procedures dictate the need to automate network and security device configuration.

It’s best practice to keep versioning the configuration so it can be restored immediately if a disaster occurs. Additionally, verification of the configuration should be done during the backup procedure. Situations may arise where network users within the organization are experiencing slowness in basic browsing and constant hang-ups in their connection.

Changes in device configuration were made to the network configuration and there was a need to go back to a previously working network configuration state.



Automate the process of disaster recovery, specifically do regular backups of network and security device configuration.



  1. Access the devices daily and extract configuration
  2. Keep configuration versioning controlled with retention
  3. Verify configuration files
  4. Automate restore processes


BackBox Solution (Use Case)

BackBox lets you automate the process of security and network device configuration backup.

How BackBox Executes this Solution

  1. Schedules to automate backups
  2. Proprietary verification mechanism to verify the validity of the configuration
  3. Restore a device to its previous configuration by a click of a button
  4. File tampering protection


BackBox can easily automate disaster recovery procedures in a multi-vendor environment.

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