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Use Case: Security Network Configuration Changed by A Firewall Upgrade



From time to time organizations encounter the need of upgrading their network and security devices to latest firmware or patch version. These situations are very critical in the lifecycle of a device and although needed, can cause a lot of issues.

A variety of items can go wrong during device upgrades and this should be handled with caution.

Firewall upgrades can be considered as one of the most sensitive elements that can be done, and organizations want to be sure the network and security configuration don’t change during the process.

Having a tool that can verify the network configurations and security configurations of the Firewall remained untouched is critical.



The challenge we faced was a security configuration that was unintentionally changed by a firewall upgrade and identifying the issues.



  1. Detect any security configuration changes and alert post upgrade.
  2. Remediate any identified issues.


BackBox Solution (Use Case)

  • Run a security TLSv1 Intellicheck on a schedule for all of the firewalls.

How BackBox Executes this Solution

  1. Connect to the firewall.
  2. Run a command that shows the TLS configuration.
  3. If a TLSv1 configuration was identified – send an alert.
  4. Run a command to disable TLSv1.


BackBox’s security IntelliChecks allow organizations to identify unintentional security configuration changes and remedy them.
Read more about IntelliChecks


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