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BackBox’s Newest Updates and Features Now Available


BackBox is Leading the Intelligent Security and Network Automation Revolution, increasing organization’s operational efficiency, reliability and visibility while significantly reducing overall risk.

We are constantly developing and updating the BackBox solution to further fit you organization’s needs. These are our newest network and security features updated this week. You can download them by clicking on the link below.

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List of our Newest Features

# Update Name Affected Products Type BackBox Version Description
1 Add VLAN on Checkpoint Firewall Checkpoint R77.30 and above Orchestration 6.21.08 Configure new VLAN’s with IP Name and number on multiple checkpoint gateways

Backbox will allow you to automate the process of adding VLAN’s to Checkpoint gateways. you can specify:

1. VLAN number

2. VLAN name

3. IP

4. State

5. Interface

2 Critical service down on Fortigate Fortinet Fortigate firewall Intellicheck 6.21.08 Backbox will monitor and alert if any of the critical processes are down

BackBox will check this list of services will be checked for their status:

1. Authd
2. Bgpd
3. Cmdbsvr
4. Dnsproxy
5. Fgfmd
6. Fnbamd
7. Foauth
8. Forticron
9. Httpsd
10. Ipshelper
11. Ipsmonitor
12. Isisd
13. Miglogd
14. Ntpd
15. Ospf6d
16. Ospfd
17. Reportd
18. Updated

3 Bluecoat Reporter backup BlueCoat reporter all versions Disaster Recovery 6.21.08 Backup Bluecoat reporter with SSH and SCP connection

Added option to backup Bluecoat reporter. The backup will login to the device with SSH, compress the backup file and then BackBox will SCP to the device and grab the backup file

4 Stop Traffic when LogDBb full on Paloalto firewall PaloAlto PA Intellicheck 6.21.08 Backbox will check the device configuration and alert if the firewall is set to stop traffic when logDb is full. This is a dangerous setting and it is recommended to keep off.

By default , the option to stop the traffic through the firewall when log database is full is disabled. On a normal behavior the log for traffic, threat, configuration, system etc. should be purged when reaching 100%, but if the option to stop the traffic is turned on, no traffic will pass

5 Cisco Nexus Network map Cisco Nexus all versions Network visualization 6.21.08 Nexus switches will appear now on the network map with all respective interfaces

During regular backups for Cisco Nexus devices, BackBox will parse IP information from the device, and will present the device in BackBox network map

6 Checkpoint Appliance EOL Checkpoint firewalls Intellicheck 6.21.08 Backbox will check if the Check Point appliance is reaching EOL – Enterprise, Branch office and SMB appliances

After adding a rule to connect to Checkpoint support service site, BackBox will connect and check the firewall model number against the EOL list.
The Intellicheck threshold can be customized how many days before EOL an alert will be sent

7 Major upgrade on Checkpoint cluster members CheckPoint gateway R77.30 and above Orchestration 6.21.08 CheckPoint cluster members will be upgraded to uploaded major version

BackBox will allow you to define upgrades to run on a schedule or execute one with a single click. The process to upgrade HA pair will follow this line:
1. Run pre-upgrade checks (routes, certificates, licenses, etc.)

2. Upgrade standby member

3. Run post-upgrade checks

4. Rollback on failure, promote self to primary on success

5. Perform same steps on the other cluster member

8 Upgrading Bluecoat CAS Bluecoat CAS firmware v2.x and above Orchestration 6.21.08 Upgrade Bluecoat CAS to the latest version automatically

BackBox will allow you to upgrade your Bluecoat CAS version 2 and above to the latest firmware. The image file should be accessible by a 3rd party web server

9 Confirm connectivity to the FortiManager Fortinet Fortigate firewall Intellicheck 6.21.08 Backbox will monitor and alert if the FortiGates connection with its FortiManager is down

BackBox will login into the Fortigate firewall with SSH connection, and will run the following command:
diagnose fdsm central-mgmt-status
This command will check the firewall connectivity and registration to the Fortimanager

10 Add address object to fortigate firewall Fortinet Fortigate firewall Orchestration 6.21.08 Add automatically address objects taken from given file

By uploading a CSV file with multiple lines , BackBox allows to add address objects and associate them with interface.
The CSV line format should be like this:
(port name is optional):,,”object name”,”port name”

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