Why Your Organization Needs Intelligent Automation

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Why Your Organization Needs Intelligent Automation?   All organizations rely on a network comprised of both hardware and software. While the interconnected systems make everything more convenient, it is an arduous task to maintain every device on the network. Ensuring that every device has received a firmware update manually can be very time-consuming.

Multiple Device Configuration Commands – Use Case – BackBox Software

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Use Case: Push Bulk Network Configuration Commands To Multiple Devices   Situation When organizations grow, network and security teams deal with a variety of challenges. One of the challenges they face is handling network configuration for their devices properly and implementing their existing configuration onto the new network and security devices. When an organisation wants

Protect Your Systems 24×7 Through Automated Network Security Measures

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Protect Your Systems 24x7 Through Automated Network Security Measures Any company that deals with customer data need to ensure that the information collected is safe and secure. The larger the company, the greater is the need to not just keep data secure but also to do a configuration backup regularly. When companies are just starting,


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