The Importance of Identity and Access Management


When working with a large network of hardware and software systems, it becomes important to monitor what is being accessed on these systems. It is virtually impossible, for one person, to keep an eye on every single machine that is being used in a company setup. And furthermore, to monitor what each machine is used for.

In the age of working remotely, several employees might have access to central systems and cloud storage without even being physically present in the office. These multiple access points pose a security risk when left unchecked. There is a need for an automated system for access management, which allows access records to be pulled up when required so that systems and functions can be monitored.

Furthermore, using an in-house access management system allows a single person or focal point in the organization to keep track of access details. A system that makes accessing records of login details and what systems and files were used, easily saves a lot of time and effort.


BackBox Identity and Access Management

BackBox Identity and Access Management feature gives BackBox the ability to access remote systems without the need for third-party software. With the access management feature, users can securely access other devices using SSH, TELNET, and RDP. The access management feature is an add-on to the BackBox suite of tools and it comes with a wide range of benefits to its user.

The major advantages of using the BackBox access management software add-on include:

  1. Automatic auditing of CLI or GUI connections to the network.
  2. Simple-to-use built-in commands.
  3. Centralized Device Management to broadcast commands to multiple devices at the same time.
  4. Streaming of recorded GUI videos.
  5. Single focal point for open access to all connections.
  6. Easy search to view executed commands.


Let’s take a closer look at each of these features and the advantages they offer to the user.

1. Automatic auditing of CLI and GUI connections to the network:

Command Line Interface (CLI) and Graphic User Interface (GUI), enable access management by letting the moderator to view which systems were accessed and what files were used.

The GUI view is commonly used, because it is easier to understand for people without a programming background.

However, GUI has a few limitations, such as, not being ideal for searching for files in specific locations and it is not very efficient.

These limitations are resolved by CLI, which is more detailed and specific way to audit access of files across a network.

BackBox access management software makes both GUI and CLI easy to use and automatically audit login and access details across security and network devices on the network.   


2. Simple-to-use built-in commands:

One of the biggest advantages of the access management software for users is the ease of use. BackBox has carefully developed the system that makes using the built-in commands as easy to use as possible. The BackBox access management add-on software is convenient and time-saving for the user.

When auditing using CLI, users have to have at least basic programming knowledge, and even then errors may occur.

The BackBox add-on provides a simple command system set that is easy to understand and execute by anybody. The software also makes it easy to execute pre-defined and customised commands as and when they are required.


3. Broadcasting commands with centralised device management:

Any type of command when manually applied to multiple machines takes time and is prone to errors.

BackBox simplifies access management by enabling users to broadcast commands to multiple devices all at once. This function also facilitates the mundane responsibility to manually execute a command, on a single machine, each time, by using the task automation.


4. Streaming of recorded GUI videos:

The Graphic User Interface can record login and access sessions and store them. These videos can be streamed by administrators at any time to check which systems have been accessed by whom and what files were used.

This function is important for the security of the network as it allows remotely accessed files to be monitored, and login information can be obtained.


5. Single focal point for open access to all connections:

By using this function, an admin can have a single focal point to access all connections on the network. From this point, the admin can open an access to the entire network.

Using it helps to centralise the monitoring of systems and the access management to a single point for convenience and added security.

From the focal point, any number of access windows can be opened, even to remote systems on the network.


6. Easy search to view executed commands:

The BackBox access management feature gives the option to search in text audits and view executed commands. Using a text audit makes things a lot more convenient for the user and saves a lot of time.

With this feature, Admins get a quick and easy way to find out what commands have been executed and from which system on the network.

By using the search function, you can also find out who executed the command and watch the GUI video of the command execution. This function also provides a big boost for the security of a network system with multiple logins and access points.

The BackBox in-house access management feature gives users the complete and comprehensive solution to monitor the access to the network. This solution is important for both the convenience it offers and as it is a key factor in maintaining a secure network system.


About BackBox

Identity and Access management feature is one of a whole set of tools developed by BackBox.

Over the years, the experienced developers have evolved the company from a network backup solution to a state-of-the-art, fully intelligent automation platform for network & security devices. With the BackBox suite of software, businesses can manage all their network and security device backups and allow BackBox to relay additional useful information back to the end user about the status of their devices.

It is BackBox’s goal to help customers achieve a seamless, homogeneous operation in today’s diverse network and security landscapes.

Our commitment to delivering excellent support services gives customers 100% confidence that their complex IT infrastructure is resilient and consistently operates effectively.


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