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Why Your Organization Needs Intelligent Automation?


All organizations rely on a network comprised of both hardware and software. While the interconnected systems make everything more convenient, it is an arduous task to maintain every device on the network. Ensuring that every device has received a firmware update manually can be very time-consuming. There is also always a possibility of human error, not to mention the fact that some security and network devices could inadvertently be overlooked.

An automated system can overcome the problems associated to manually maintaining these networks. Not only can pre-configured Network Task Automation keep the networks up to date, but it can perform these tasks in a fraction of the time. From simple to more elaborate environments, Network Task Automation can efficiently and reliably take care of the these necessary tasks.

Network Task Automation  provides the benefit of automating a variety of tasks. With this feature, organizations can rest easy knowing that every security and network device within the environment is receiving the necessary attention. Keeping the entire network up to date ensures a  more secure environment and provides consistency across all devices. Network and security devices include routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers and so on.


Why You Need Network Automation?

Imagine an organization that has 100 security devices all networked together. These devices are all configured in a certain way that meet the needs of the organization. When the organization expands, and they need to add an additional  100 security devices to the network. These new devices need to be configured before being incorporated into the network.

If these devices were to be individually configured, it would take a significant amount of time and resources. The more complex the environment, and/or the smaller the IT team, the more challenging this becomes. The more devices that have to be configured, the greater the chance of an error occurring and there are no guarantees that everything will run smoothly once complete.

Similarly, if all 200 security devices needed a firmware upgrade, executing the task manually will have the same set of problems. This will be true for all tasks that need to be performed across the networks. Other problems include insufficient disk space to support updates, unscheduled downtime, and loss of working hours while the upgrades are being carried out.  

As an  example, not all devices on a network will have adequate disc space to support an upgrade. When manually conducting upgrades, disk space will need to be checked for each device, and if required, some files might have to be erased to make more space. 

In addition, time spent waiting for systems to be configured, is time away from productive work. While these systems are down, the organization could be losing money. The longer the process takes, the more losses the organization has to endure.

It is in situations like these that Network Task Automation provides a tremendous benefit with by leveraging centralized device management.


How does Network Task Automation work?

The Network Task Automation feature of BackBox eliminates all the problems that arise from manually maintaining a network. The Task Automation feature can push configuration changes and update files to multiple security and network devices all at the same time. The net result is that once installed, you can use a single management device to update the whole network with just one click.

Network Task Automation can do the following: 

Apply an existing configuration script to multiple devices at the same time.

Apply the script to multiple sites across the globe.

Connect to new devices on the network.

When an upgrade is uploaded to a central management device, task automation can check all the devices on the network to see if they have the upgrade or not.

Check the transferred files to make sure that they are not corrupt.

Ensure that the upgrade was successful.

Run bulk commands on multiple devices quickly and without human error.


Apply the script and avoid human error.

Upload text files with upgrade commands.

Run the commands on the new devices to configure appropriately.

Confirm that devices have enough disk space to support and upgrade.

Make sure that files get transferred correctly across the network.

Automatically reboot all devices to activate upgrades.

Conduct all automated tasks across the network in a matter of minutes, saving a lot of time.

Create a report of the automated task.

Working with and upgrading a single device is manageable however, working with complex networked environments, is complicated. With BackBox’s Network Task Automation, configurations can be adjusted on multiple devices with a single click. Operating system level parameters, access lists, policy changes, routing and many other common configurations can now be applied to numerous devices at one time with Network Task Automation. The feature provides businesses with the benefit of a more secure and efficient network.


About BackBox

BackBox is the leading global provider of Intelligent Automation for all Security and Networking devices, providing the ability to automate the backup and secure storage of device configurations, single-click recovery, real-time inventory management, custom task automation, pre-emptive health checks and infrastructure compliance (IntelliChecks) as well as controlled and logged access to all devices.

Supporting over 170 technology partners, BackBox offers a simple, consolidated and centralized approach to automating the backup, recovery and management of all devices on the network.

BackBox’s Network Task Automation functionality  is just one of the many features offered within the BackBox Intelligent Automation Platform. Additional functionality offered by BackBox includes:  Automated Backup and RecoveryNetwork VisualizationDynamic Asset ManagementNetwork Task Automation | IntelliChecks + TrendsAccess Management

BackBox’s capabilities open a world of benefits to customers including:

  • Automated Disaster Recovery
  • Backup Verification
  • Centralized Device Management
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Dynamic Inventory
  • Multi-vendor Support
  • Cloud Support

With the comprehensive BackBox offering, organizations can prepare themselves for any eventuality or scenario that may be encountered. The BackBox Intelligent Automation Platform has been diligently developed to ensure the security and backup of all security and network devices within an organizations network.


It is BackBox’s goal to help organizations achieve a seamless, homogeneous operation in today’s diverse security and network landscapes. Whether it be our support team, our development team or account management team, our commitment to delivering excellence in all that we do provides  our customers the confidence that their complex IT infrastructure is resilient and consistently operating effectively and efficiently. Our solutions are not only cost-effective but also save you money in the long run.

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