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Intelligent automation for the hybrid, multi-cloud era.

BackBox is a market leader in network automation, security and management solutions. We help companies worldwide automate and streamline complex tasks, ensure network health and performance, achieve business continuity and do more with fewer resources.

BackBox leverages powerful automation to discover network and security devices, proactively assesses the state of network infrastructure to ensure that devices are configured according to industry and regulatory best practices to strengthen the security posture.

With BackBox, companies save time, do more with less, deliver better IT services and have more time to invest in strategic activities to support business growth.


Our management team is a forward-thinking group with decades of industry leading experience and a passion for fundamentally improving enterprise network operations. They are the driving force behind our award-winning solution, constantly innovating and looking for opportunities to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Andrew Kahl

Chief Executive Officer
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Tony Lam

Chief Operating Officer
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Rafi Zvi

CTO & Co Founder
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Tanya White

Chief Marketing Officer
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Arik Elias

Co-Founder and SVP Sales
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Craig McDonald

VP, Product Management
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Jim Burglin

VP, Customer Experience
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Kathy Schneeberg

VP, HR & People Operations
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Brad Ball

VP, North American Sales
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Christy Perkins

Director of Accounting
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Board of Directors

Chris Pacitti

Founder & Partner
Elsewhere Partners
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Sloane Child

Vice President
Elsewhere Partners
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Andrew Kahl

Chief Executive Officer
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“The ability to verify the success and integrity of each network system’s configuration backup is a major advantage of using the BackBox solution.”


“BackBox enabled us to perform more effectively and quickly respond to system problems. This significantly differentiated them from the multiple solutions we previously implemented.”

Senior Information Security Leader

“Backing up our data is important, but the real goal is to be able to quickly and accurately restore entire network configurations to full operation.”


“Thanks to BackBox, we are now able to run a monitoring screen and see if systems are green. If they’re not, I’m able to dive in quickly and see what’s going on.”


Trusted by over 500 companies

We love our customers and our product roadmap has always been driven by a customer first approach. See why the world’s leading brands trust Backbox to simplify, and automate the management of complex networks.


Join our team in IT Automation & Disaster Recovery

We are always looking for talented people to add to our team. If you possess the following characteristics, you may be a great fit at BackBox:

  • Willingness to learn and grow

  • Customer-first focused

  • Professional and courteous

  • Self-motivated

  • Attention to detail

  • Team player with a winning attitude