Security-Centric Automation for Network Teams

The BackBox Network Automation Platform easily and reliably automates Network Configuration Management, Network Vulnerability Management, and Network Operations tasks for devices from over 180 vendors on more than 100,000 networks worldwide.

Save Time
Reduce Manual Errors
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Dynamic Automated Network Configuration Management


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Network automation made easy. Ditch the manual work and code-heavy solutions.

Network engineers save time with the BackBox Automation Platform for Network Teams by quickly automating and auditing time consuming manual tasks. With a library of over 3,000 pre-built automations and a script-free way to build new ones BackBox makes it easy to get started on your automation journey. BackBox is a point-and-click automation solution for firewall and network device backups, OS updates and patching, configuration compliance audits and remediation, Network Vulnerability Management, Network Configuration Management, and more.

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Network Configuration Management

Network Configuration Management Automation

Network administrators can easily browse and compare configurations, backup devices, and answer the most important question when troubleshooting the network – “What changed?”. No longer reliant on legacy NCM solutions that require time to be invested by network engineers, BackBox provides programmatic NCM that automates the most common network engineering tasks. BackBox also integrates with the most common network monitoring tools, like ServiceNow, Paessler PRTG, and LogicMonitor, to deliver a best-in-class network management experience.

Network Vulnerability Management Automation

BackBox Network Vulnerability Manager (NVM) is purpose-built for network teams to easily discover vulnerabilities in their network, prioritize CVE remediation according to their unique risk score, and automate remediation, no matter the network complexity. Check out our FAQ page to learn more.

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BackBox is the only Vendor Recognized as a Strong Performer in Network Automation Platforms

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Why BackBox?

Whether or not you have a fully articulated network automation strategy, every day you face an onslaught of repetitive but critical tasks that, if neglected, put the network at risk. BackBox is here to reliably automate that operational work so you have confidence in the outcomes and can focus on more forward-looking projects.

Rock-solid Backups

Five validation checks on each backup with a single-click restore makes us the most trusted network backup solution in the industry.

Firewall Automation

From reliable backups to streamlined OS updates and onto automated compliance, BackBox can simplify the administration of your firewalls.

Customers Say
The authentication templating, allowing one record of users/passwords. When the passwords for devices are rolled over for security...

Richard F., Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Great Backup tool and can be recovered during Disaster Recovery.

Verified User in Health, Wellness and Fitness, Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

Very powerful the scripting capabilities. I also very appreciate the possibilities to make backups

Michele F., Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

easy use, fastly backup and restore, backup verification, support many products

Verified User in Banking, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Backbox is compatible with a very large number of brands and devices which allow us to backup everything as network/security devices. We...

Sébastien D, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

It is a powerful tool. Light weight, but very effective. Makes us our backup job very easy. The catchy dashboard given in landing...

Shivaji N., Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

i love how the product looks and works, saving allot of time for performing backups, and i can always relay on this product when...

Verified User in Telecommunications, Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

The system is very easy to use, the support is very usefull when required. New features added all over and customer requests is...

Chen R., Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

The UX, simplicity, friendly system & can backup almost everything

Verified User in Semiconductors, Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

Numerous FW, IDS, IPS vendor-products supported by backbox.

Aditya L., Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

How easy to use, flexible and trustful the solution is. Last but not least, the support is great.

Adilson C., Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

support is very competent, product is just working and easy to use

Verified User in Machinery, Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

Its amazing tool. Real time dynamic inventory information. Wonderful to see the network virtualization. It has amazing backup and...

Naveen B., Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

They provided support, they work in collaboration and achieve such good relationships with their customers. We are even kind of friends

Verified User in Computer & Network Security, Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

It's a cheap and affective solution .Very easy to use. Support is awesome. The number of devices and versions supported is enormous....

Ihsan C., Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

The ability to manage multiple devices in one place

Verified User in Non-Profit Organization Management, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Liked the network setup as it gives us a pretty secure network to begin with but as with all things security. It also gives good...

Verified User in Computer Software, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Backbox will give you full information of the configuration you have done on your devices and accordingly you will take action of...

Akshay B., Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Backbox is a very good solution for backup everything as network devices. Also, it is very much compatible with a large number of...

Verified User in Computer Software, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Easy to customize and develop solutions in the tool - Fantastic Support with a lot of knowledge and fast solutions

Jesper Lose, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Easy configuration of backup for main network and security devices. Easy to use. Easy to configure. Reliable.

Verified User in Utilities, Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

Great support department, helps me with every request/problem. Awesome features. Collaboration with manufacturers' devices.

Verified User in Information Technology and Services, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

works integrated with most vendors. documentation is usefull and user friendly

Ramazan S., Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

Backbox is a network backup and storage solution that can be used across enterprise networks. It integrates with various security...

Maxwell A., Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

Backbox is a very usefull tool for configuration backup. Backbox supported a lots of platform and reschedule backup and if some device...

Esat Yasar C., Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

After making the configuration, it takes all backups intact without looking back and provides flexibility at the point of automation...

Anonymous, Uknown

the option to create my scripts in a secure way to run on my network devices and do everything is a very simple way, the support...

Anonymous, Uknown

Backups are easy to perform, security, customization and technical support is excellent.

Anonymous, Uknown

The automation process to backup a lot of diferent devices (multibrand) with only one clic. After check the backup is donde correctly,...

Anonymous, Uknown

Backbox is an easy to use, high functionality device which is easy to integrate, support and implement highly repeatable and efficient...

Anonymous, Uknown

The product is easy to use. It has flexibility to taylor jobs to our needs and very good support helpdesk. We use Backbox daily for...

Anonymous, Uknown

Great automation, easy to use GUI and interface, plus fantastic weekly support meetings to discuss tickets.

Anonymous, Uknown

Backbox is very helpful in: Bulk configuration changes in one go Create custom scripts to automate task Upgrades/patch fixes 10X...

Anonymous, Uknown

Backbox is a very stable, automatized backup solution. It is very easy to implement, easy to manage, and very flexible for most of...

Anonymous, Uknown

Backbox is simple to use. It's easy to add devices via device discovery. Customer Support is also top notch.

Anonymous, Uknown

One of the most important needs for a network engineer is to have consistent and reliable backups of their network devices. Having...

Anonymous, Uknown

BackBox has played a crucial role in automating the backup routines for all our firewall gateways, which span multiple vendors. Not...

Anonymous, Uknown

I love how powerful the tool is. It has helped us standardize switch configurations, standardize backups and changes, keep up with...

Anonymous, Uknown

Backbox proves highly efficient in generating configuration backups for your network devices, minimizing manual efforts and optimizing...

Anonymous, Uknown

The best thing is user interface. It is very simplifed and easy to understand. The best feautre is intergration with network devices. Backbox...

Anonymous, Uknown

Simple and powerful. Very easy to config. excellent support

Anonymous, Uknown

Backbox is an Automation tool that can be used to automate backups which can be used to restore devcies but the thing we like about...

Anonymous, Uknown

Installing Backbox was vesy straightforward and easy. We have a multi-platform environmant with many vendors and applicaitons that...

Anonymous, Uknown

Backbox is a powerful yet a very simple tool. The name implies backup, but the solution has matured to be much more than backups. It...

Anonymous, Uknown

It is very practical, fast and has plug-in support for every product that can be backed up.

Anonymous, Uknown

My favorite feature of Backbox are the intellichecks and the auto jobs that I can run - I think they are extremely useful in finding...

Anonymous, Uknown

Ease of use, super easy to navigate menus which are clear and cocise unlike some other tools from other providers.

Anonymous, Uknown

A tool that provides many possibilties other than just backing up devices. Automation at it's best. The support team is outstanding,...

Anonymous, Uknown

Built in device feaures for ease of use and setup. The ability to clone an existing product to edit allows you to create custom "scripts"...

Anonymous, Uknown

Upgrade and implementation of new devices in our IT environment.

Anonymous, Uknown

with BackBox you have one single point for your backup and regular tasks management

Anonymous, Uknown

Backbox is highly flexible and customisable tool performing complex network task with simple steps. I am very much satisfied with...

Anonymous, Uknown

simplicity . it works with all appliances i'm using. upgrades is super simple. support is very helpfull and quick

Anonymous, Uknown

BackBox's automation has been a huge help! We run backups and schedule firmware updates on firewalls all the time. Support has...

Anonymous, Uknown

its really easy to add devices and restote config backups to devices

Anonymous, Uknown

the ability to restore switch and security configuration

Anonymous, Uknown

Backup and restore works easy and reliable Reporting tools Support organisation

Anonymous, Uknown

very helpful support team and various scripts and automation tasks that can be applied to all of our networkinf devices and more. you...

Anonymous, Uknown

simple use , best support , easy of integration , easy of imlemintation

Anonymous, Uknown

Good product. Easy to use Easy to integrate

Anonymous, Uknown

Lots of qualities and a great performance

Anonymous, Uknown

The enthusiasm and support for ensuring the product works implemented and works correctly within our environments.

Anonymous, Uknown

Backbox supports a wide range of networking brands including checkpoint, cisco, fortinet, arista, F5 and many more. It automates...

Anonymous, Uknown

Es una herramienta muy útil para poder disponer de copias de seguridad rápidamente restaurables de toda tu electrónica red, a...

Anonymous, Uknown

The ease of use to setup and functionality with different boxes.

Anonymous, Uknown

The support & the ability to add every device without any issue.

Anonymous, Uknown

The automation scripts running for backingup our core devices Also not only the backups, the machine has the ability to execute...

Anonymous, Uknown

The best part about Backbox is the automation template it provides to make day to day BAU tasks much easier.

Anonymous, Uknown

BackBox is the one of the best tool for device backup. Ease of use and customer supprort

Anonymous, Uknown

Nous utilisons la solution Backbox pour les sauvegardes des équipements réseaux depuis des années. Ca nous a permis de fiabiliser...

Anonymous, Uknown

The automation schedule task thyi have set one time before long time ago, and allow me quite.

Anonymous, Uknown

Backbox has a very simple to use backup and restore process, with the ability to automate configuration baseline checks, along with...

Anonymous, Uknown

First of all, we liked the software's performance since the base platform is pretty repsonsive and performent. It allows for users...

Anonymous, Uknown

Very seamless tool to manage not only your configuration backup but also CVE with their NVM module. The support team is very responsive...

Anonymous, Uknown

Since we have just integrated BackBox into our operations, I can say that the ease of use is very obvious. The clone and edit functions...

Anonymous, Uknown

The automations and ability to remotely deploy firmware updates.

Anonymous, Uknown

Backbox is a very good Network automation, security and management tool. It is being used for backing up the network devices in our...

Anonymous, Uknown

Backbox is an excelent tool to automate our backups and run our OS upgrade on our firewalls other than run scripts and so on. Easy...

Anonymous, Uknown

BackBox has been a complete timesaver for our company. We have over 300 Juniper devices deployed throughout shops in both the US...

Anonymous, Uknown

Ease of Implementation, Frequency of Use, Ease of Integration

Anonymous, Uknown

Vulnerability Remediation is nice feature for remediation.

Anonymous, Uknown

The product seems to just work, mostly I can just set it up and forget about it, very little maintenance beyond updates once or twice...

Anonymous, Uknown



report that the last time their company experienced a cybersecurity breach it was due to a known vulnerability being exploited



say their leadership prioritizes spending on prevention over response



are dissatisfied with their company's current approach to automation


only 20%

are confident in their ability to restore from backup within a few minutes


"By 2025, 25% of enterprises will automate more than half of their network activities."

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Managed service providers must deal with unprecedented levels of complexity and scale as they protect the various IT estates of their many client organizations. BackBox is scalable and reliable enough to tackle that complexity, reducing costs and increasing margins with features like...


A vendor-agnostic single-pane-of-glass view across all devices supported provides you with lower-cost operations and improves uptime caused by manual errors.

Secure Multitenancy

Role-based access controls with multitenancy as a first-principle keeps Service Provider costs down while providing flexibility to administer independent networks.

Rapid Onboarding and Discovery

Discovery runs as an automation to help improve time-to-revenue through faster onboarding while also ensuring dynamic tracking of adds, moves, and changes.

Improved Network Security

The network will be protected from the latest vulnerabilities, faster than ever, with complex pre-built automations.

An Exceptional Partner

From simplified pricing to fantastic support, and with a rich enablement program, we understand your market.

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