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BackBox Announces Strategic Partnership and Product Integration with Paessler AG

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What it does

Secure, Powerful, Scalable

BackBox is an easy-to-use automation solution for device backups, vulnerability patching and OS updates, configuration compliance, and more. Network engineers trust BackBox to automate and audit any task they could perform manually, with a library of over 3,000 pre-built automations and a scripting-free way to build new ones.

How It's Better

Why BackBox?

Whether or not you have a fully articulated network automation strategy, every day you face an onslaught of repetitive but critical tasks that, if neglected, put the network at risk. BackBox is here to reliably automate that operational work so you have confidence in the outcomes and can focus on more forward-looking projects.


Out-of-the-box support for over 180 vendors, and thousands of devices.


Designed to automate the largest enterprise and service provider networks.

Low Barrier to Entry

Create your own automations, or modify ours, without any scripting knowledge required.


Built on an open platform friendly to the enterprise, everything in the BackBox UI is available via a Swagger API.

Rapid Time to Productivity

Automation Library with 3,000+ pre-built automations.


Fully multitenant with rich RBAC for data and operational segmentation between clients.

Diverse Deployments

Can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or as a service.

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report that the last time their company experienced a cybersecurity breach it was due to a known vulnerability being exploited


are dissatisfied with their company’s current approach to automation


say their leadership prioritizes spending on prevention over response


are confident in their ability to restore from backup within a few minutes

Service Providers

Trusted by Global Technology Service Providers

Technology service providers must deal with unprecedented levels of complexity and scale as they protect the various IT estates of their many client organizations. BackBox is scalable and reliable enough to tackle that complexity, reducing costs and increasing margins with features like...


A vendor-agnostic single-pane-of-glass view across all devices supported provides you with lower-cost operations and improves uptime caused by manual errors.

Secure Multitenancy

Role-based access controls with multitenancy as a first-principle keeps Service Provider costs down while providing flexibility to administer independent networks.

Rapid Onboarding and Discovery

Discovery runs as an automation to help improve time-to-revenue through faster onboarding while also ensuring dynamic tracking of adds, moves, and changes.

Improved Network Security

The network will be protected from the latest vulnerabilities, faster than ever, with complex pre-built automations.

An Exceptional Partner

From simplified pricing to fantastic support, and with a rich enablement program, we understand your market.

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