BackBox Partner Program

BackBox is committed to collaborating with leading network and security technology resellers, distributors, and service providers worldwide. We work closely with our partners to provide sales and marketing support, installation and customization services, and ongoing development of new automations that are available without upgrading the software.

Together, we are enabling organizations of all sizes to improve the security and performance of their network devices through reliable, intelligent automation.

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We're here to help our reseller partners create lasting relationships with their customers. Position yourself as a leader in Network Automation with a vendor-agnostic platform that integrates fully into your customers' network operations tech stack.

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Service Providers

Expand your services reach and focus on value-generating activities by automating network operations tasks like backups and  OS upgrades. Features like rapid discovery and support for multi-tenant environments help you scale your business with ease.

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Technology Alliance

We’re building a safer world together. BackBox partners with leading Network, Security, and ISV companies to deliver automated solutions that ensure the security, performance, and compliance of network infrastructure.

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Why Partners Choose BackBox


  • Simple to Implement - BackBox delivers value immediately, enabling customers to achieve their goals faster
  • All-In-One Automation - Want backups? Updates? Compliance? It’s one product and one interface, on-prem, in the cloud, and everything inbetween
  • Multivendor - Supports 180+ vendors so you can sell along with every device sold. Complements vendor tools, simplifying their environments, which delivers a powerful value proposition
  • Improved Security & Compliance - BackBox helps keep networks secure and compliant by automating critical but repetitive tasks like backup and OS upgrades
  • 95% CSAT Score - Network engineers love the product because it makes their lives better and gives them time back



  • Cross-sell Opportunities - BackBox enables you to add value beyond the devices you represent and sell
  • Increased Account Retention - Reduce support interactions for hardware or appliances, while increasing value-generating interactions around disaster recovery, compliance, and more
  • Competitive Differentiation - BackBox can help differentiate against channels selling only hardware and vendor tools
  • Increased Margins and Recurring Revenue - Software product margins and related services improve your overall hardware deals
  • Ongoing Support - Sales and technical enablement, implementation assistance,  and joint marketing opportunities

See for yourself how consistent and reliable your device backups and upgrades can be