Network Configuration Management Automation

NCM is better when it's built on automation


Is your NCM solution able to automate the tasks needed to support your network?

For the first time, Gartner’s “Market Guide for Network Automation Platforms,” released in Q4 2023, included NCM capabilities as standard requirements for a network automation platform. Gartner’s inclusion of NCM in their Network Automation category suggests that modern NCM architecture is built on automation.

BackBox NCM is a set of capabilities that scales with the enterprise and takes advantage of the best-in-class BackBox Network Automation Platform to transform backups, software updates, compliance, and vulnerability management.


Simple automation

No scripting is required to take advantage of NCM automation. Using only the commands network engineers are already familiar with, the BackBox Automation Builder makes it simple to create automations without the need for python, YAML, or any other scripting language.


API-first DevOps integration

An API for more than integration with network management products. The BackBox API gives programmatic access to all NCM automations for integration into your environment.


ServiceNow Integration

Use the ServiceNow CMDB for device discovery, or manage trouble-tickets directly from automations. Open, close, or enrich tickets to shorten MTTR and simplify problem resolution.

Solution overview

With BackBox, Network Configuration Management is automated to help simplify day-to-day network engineering tasks and integrates with NetOps workflows to improve productivity.


Reliable backups with single-click restore

No more surprises when a crisis causes the team to restore from backup, only to find the backup is corrupt! BackBox performs five critical checks on each backup as the backup is taken to ensure that it’s restorable Suspect backups can be investigated long before they’re needed in a crisis, ensuring business continuity after a disaster. Restores are initiated with a single-click, simplifying the process regardless of whether you’re rebuilding an existing device or restoring to bare-metal.

Automated compliance and remediation

With a built-in library of compliance and remediation automations, BackBox delivers a simple way to scale compliance activities such as DISA STIGs, CIS Benchmarks, PCI DSS, and more.


Simple software updates

Whether a single version update or a complex update across multiple versions or clusters of devices, BackBox simplifies the software update process saving network engineers time and after-hours work.

ServiceNow integration

Enhanced device discovery with ServiceNow CMDB sync ensures that all your devices are easily integrated into the automation platform. Trouble-ticket enrichment saves network administrators time when fixing problems. All the information they need is present in the ticket, collected automatically by the automation platform.


“[Gartner] estimate that fewer than 10% of enterprises actively use NetDevOps practices currently. Going forward, multivendor network automation platforms will be required elements for most enterprises to achieve NetDevOps at any reasonable scale.”

Key Features



With API access to all BackBox automations, NCM capabilities can be easily incorporated into NetOps workflows to improve network engineer productivity.


Scalability & Performance

No polling involved. The BackBox distributed automation engine scales with your network and delivers parallel execution of automations sent out to the network.


Built on Automation

The next generation of NCM is built on automation. Taking hands away from the keyboard helps network engineers perform their best while keeping your network safe.

Why BackBox?

Whether or not you have a fully articulated network automation strategy, every day you face an onslaught of repetitive but critical tasks that, if neglected, put the network at risk. BackBox is here to reliably automate that operational work so you have confidence in the outcomes and can focus on more forward-looking projects.

Rock-solid Backups

Five validation checks on each backup with a single-click restore makes us the most trusted network backup solution in the industry.

Firewall Automation

From reliable backups to streamlined OS updates and onto automated compliance, BackBox can simplify the administration of your firewalls.

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