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This Privacy Notice sets out information about our privacy practices and your rights. 

We may amend this Privacy Notice at any time and for any reason. The updated version will be available by on our website. 


Controller contact details 

The controller for the processing of personal data under this Privacy Notice is Backbox Software Inc., 1301 Oak St., #708 Kansas City, MO 64106. “Backbox” shall include Backbox’s affiliates and related companies worldwide. 

We may collect personal data from partners, clients and officers, employees or contractors of clients which are organizations. 


Types of personal data we collect 

To engage and serve you or your organization as a partner, distributor or client, we may need to collect personal data about your organization, including name of organization, names of officers, address, contact details and business details. We may also collect data on the industry in which your organization operates and your business and personal interests. 

In the course of your matter, we may collect other personal data about you that is relevant to the matter – see section below for further information about this. 

Generally, we will obtain this personal data directly from you. Sometimes, we may obtain personal data about you from third parties (for example, end users who sign end user license agreements) or public sources. 


Purposes of processing 

We will process your personal data for the purpose of marketing and selling Backbox’s products to you and/or for distribution to customers and other uses for other purposes related to that purpose (for example, to comply with anti-money laundering and terrorism financing laws, and to send you invoices). 

We may also use your contact details and interests to manage and develop our relationship with you and to send you communications about our products, services and company. 

Some of the processing is necessary to comply with applicable laws (for example, anti-money laundering and terrorism financing laws). 


Legal basis for processing 

The processing described above is necessary for the purposes of Backbox’ s legitimate interests as a software sales company to its customers and in developing and growing our business. These legitimate interests include providing products and services to our customers, facilitating marketing and distribution of our products, ancillary services (such as sales management, exportation of products and processing) and complying with all regulations which apply to the provision of those services; developing and growing our business and its relationships, understanding the needs of our parners, customers and prospective customers, and managing partner relationships. 

Backbox will only rely on those legitimate interests to process personal data where the processing is necessary for the purposes of those legitimate interests and such legitimate interests are not overridden by the data subject’s interests or fundamental rights and freedoms. 


Recipients or categories of recipients 

We may disclose your personal data to third parties who provide administrative, storage, telecommunications, information technology and other services to us in support of our business. However, we will ensure that all such suppliers are subject to obligations not to use or disclose that data. 

For the purposes of your matter, we may disclose your personal data to third parties who provide services which assist us with your matter and to third parties who are involved in the matter – see below for further information about this. 

In some countries, we may be required by law to provide your personal data to government authorities. 

In exceptional circumstances, we may be required or permitted by law to disclose personal data, for example to law enforcement authorities or to prevent a serious threat to public safety. 



We may transfer your personal data overseas. 

The information systems of Backbox are hosted on central servers located in Israel, in the US, in Europe and other locations. Any personal data that we store on our systems will be transferred to one of those locations. 

Backbox Group’s information systems, including electronic matter files, partner or customer information and finance systems are accessible by Backbox’s offices around the world. This means your personal data may be accessed by Backbox’s personnel overseas. 

When a matter involves obtaining assistance from our offices in another country, we may need to transfer details about the matter, including your personal data, to a Backbox office or third party in that country. Backbox will always make such transfers in accordance with the requirements of the data privacy laws of your home country and will require that any overseas third party to which it discloses your personal data to: (a) only uses that personal data for the purposes for which it was disclosed; (b) uses all technical and organizational measures which are reasonable in the circumstances to secure that personal data; (c) deletes that personal data when it is 

no longer required; and (d) treats that personal data in accordance with this Privacy Notice and their local data privacy law. 


Retention period 

Backbox will only retain personal data for as long as it has a legitimate purpose to do so. Backbox will need to retain personal data for commercial and legal purposes. How long it will need to retain personal data for these purposes will depend on the specific personal data. 

Backbox generally retains partner and customer documentation and files for at least 7 years after the end of the matter, in case a dispute arises in relation to the matter. 

Backbox is required to retain certain client and matter information for a specified period by corporate and tax laws, industry regulations or by insurance providers. 

Once Backbox has no legal or commercial reasons to retain personal data, it will be securely deleted or destroyed. 


Return or Deletion of Data at your Request 

You may request at any time for us to return to you, or delete, any personal data we are retaining. This may affect the products or services you are receiving from Backbox. 


Requirement to provide personal data 

As a partner, it is mandatory to provide us with basic personal data such as your name and contact details. If you do not provide this data, we will not be able to transact with you. 

It is optional to provide most other personal data. However, in many cases, if you do not provide that data, the services we can provide to you may be limited or may not take into account your particular circumstances.