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BackBox Network Device Backup

Backup & Verify Network Device Configuration Settings Automatically

Challenges enterprises and organizations are facing today

Organizations rely on proper network configuration for security and mission critical applications, yet it is all too easy to neglect manual backup procedures for network device configurations. But even the failure of a single device could result in downtime for your network and lost business opportunities, and conducting a failure recovery can potentially take a very long time.

Organization require a method to conveniently and automatically back up network configuration settings for all your network devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, and other devices. With automatic backup of network device configuration settings, you can be confident that  security settings on all your network devices are correct. And, if a device on your network fails, you have the most recent correct settings backed up which significantly shortens the recovery time.

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How Organizations Backup Today

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How BackBox Can Help

Using BackBox, an organization is are able to schedule automatic configuration backups and monitor them easily from an intuitive dashboard interface.

BackBox can also be set up to alert administrators if backups have not been performed. In addition, BackBox performs automatic network configuration backup procedures,  and then verifies that they’ve been completed correctly.

After backing up network configuration settings, BackBox performs an MD5 Checksum to verify file integrity, checks file size and file content, and opens archival files to ensure that they’re not corrupted. This ensures that all backup files are uncorrupted and usable so you’ll have one less thing to worry about in the event that a network or device recovery is necessary.