Intelligent network automation

Simplify network automation. No scripting required.

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Intelligent automation
to help you do more with less.

BackBox brings powerful automation to help free people by removing complexity from network management. BackBox also creates a central backup of network device configurations with one-click recovery to help ensure high availability resilience.

Centralized multi-vendor
network automation

Harden and protect your entire network

Detect malicious activity and configuration changes, and easily apply new updates using automated provisioning.

Enforce security and compliance policies

BackBox’s Intellichecks enable you to implement, verify and maintain configurations based on industry, vendor, or regulatory policies. Create and implement security policies, monitor compliance, and rapidly identify issues before they impact your network and data integrity.

Automate patch and upgrade management

BackBox saves time and helps ensure a hardened network infrastructure by automating the implementation of patches and upgrades across your entire network. Now you can automatically implement patches and upgrades across your entire network in minutes.

Simplify network health checks

BackBox Intellichecks comes with predefined signatures that can check the health of your systems and keep uniformity and consistency of your device configuration. BackBox also enables deeper application-level intelligence.

Frequently asked questions

  • How many vendors does BackBox support out of the box?

    BackBox supports more then 180 vendors out of the box.

  • Is there an option to add support for devices not supported out of the box?

    Any non-supported device or vendor can be added on the fly with the help of the BackBox product support team.

  • What is the licensing model?

    There is a separate license for network devices such as routers and switches and security devices such as Firewalls, Load balancers, IPS etc. The basic license covers DR, dynamic inventory, and task automation. There is also a separate add-on for Intellichecks and Terminal access.

  • Which environments can I install BackBox?

    BackBox can be installed on premise on any type of VM, VMware, Hyper-V, Virtual Box etc. It can also be installed on cloud environments like AWS and Azure.

What our customers say

Adilson C

Information Security Team Lead/Coordinator Information Technology and Services

"It is an amazing and useful tool"
Posted on G2
Naveen B

Senior Engineer Product Development Information Technology and Services

"One of the best product I have ever used"
Posted on G2
Sébastien D

IT Security Engineer

"One of the best backup solution used until now"
Posted on G2