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Use Case: Automate the Upgrade Process of Cisco IOS



Occasionally organisations are confronted with the challenge of upgrading their network and security devices to latest firmware or patch version. These situations are very critical in the lifecycle of a device and although needed, can cause a lot of issues if not executed properly.

When a new Cisco IOS version is out, organisations need to consider the impact and time needed to upgrade tenths or even hundreds of devices in the organization network. Organisations should consider a tool that will be able to handle Cisco IOS upgrade automation quickly and effectively.


Upgrade multiple devices efficiently with minimal impact to the production environment.


  1. Confirm the Cisco devices have enough disk space
  2. Ensure the file transferred correctly to the devices and was not corrupted.
  3. Make sure after reboot the upgrade was successful.


BackBox Solution (Use Case)

Utilize Backbox’s task automation to upgrade all Cisco devices in the network.

How BackBox Executes this Solution

  1. Upload the latest IOS version to BackBox’s file repository.
  2. BackBox identifies the version devices currently are operating on and decides if it requires an upgrade.
  3. BackBox checks device disk space if it is sufficient. If it is not – clear disk space.
  4. BackBox transfers the latest IOS file to the device and executes Cisco hashing check – to confirm file integrity.
  5. BackBox reboots the device, confirms the device is upgraded, and reports.


BackBox’s task automation can be utilised to intelligently and efficiently upgrade all devices in an organisation’s network

Read more about Task Automation.

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