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As a company, how often do you feel like your contribution to society or the communities you call home is “enough?” It’s an important question, and it’s a common one. But in truth, the answer is never enough. When you lend a helping hand, whether it be to charities, employees, or your community, you are laying the foundation for an opportunity that can benefit all involved. The recipients of your organization’s charity will benefit from the contributions while companies and their employees win through the goodwill from helping others.

Corporate Giving for the Benefit of All

The season of giving is here and we’re so excited to help bring joy to others. This year we have chosen to participate in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program. The program provides holiday gifts to children and adults who are less fortunate than others. As a company we’re so excited to participate here in Dallas by adopting angels for Christmas! This program provides for thousands of people every year through the generous donations of individuals and companies nationwide.

Our CEO, Andrew Kahl personally adopted two children; Madeline, a six year old girl, and Giovanni, a four year old boy.

“I believe being involved in our communities and doing what we can as a company to give back in some way is very important. Not only is it the right thing to do, to share our success out broadly, it also helps to unite the team.”

“Volunteering opportunities and corporate giving are, and will continue to be, a regular part of BackBox globally, and especially at our two office locations in Tel Aviv, Israel and Dallas, Texas. I look forward to making this an important element of who we are,” said Andrew Kahl.

BackBox has always had a philosophy of giving, from the way we support our customers to the way we support our communities. Prior to the pandemic, our teams in Israel participated in distributing food to the needy and this year they are donating computers and monitors to a local school. At BackBox, we’re committed to doing our part to help those in need and the communities we call home.

Bringing Joy to Others Helps Unify Teams

By doing our part to help others we give our employees a sense of purpose beyond our corporate mission. In many ways, corporate giving, charitable work, and volunteering can serve as a unifying purpose for the company values we hold dear – or the glue that helps employees bond.

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