7 Steps to Improving Network Security Through Automation

When it comes to network security, we often think about vulnerabilities or exploits. About internal threats, and password compromises. We don’t often think about automation. Anything that can have a negative impact on network resiliency and its return to full operation after an ‘event’ relates to security. Automation helps keep your network humming along at …

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A BackBox Review

Network automation is one of those funny things… it can be anything, and so often is nothing (out-of-the box). People want to solve problems. At BackBox we take the approach of building the best possible network automation platform while also delivering easy-to-deploy solutions to very specific problems like ensuring reliable backups or OS updates. Once …

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8 Rules of Backup

This was originally published by the Tao of Backup in 1997, and looks like it hasn’t been updated in over 13.5 years (judging by the Backup Wailing Wall). It’s also really focused on data, and I thought it would be useful to write a version focused on network and security devices (while also making sure …

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Surviving Network Outages

Our CTO, Josh Stephens, was quoted in Enterprise Security Tech with thoughts about the recent Microsoft network outage. One of my favorite news-taglines from the outage came from Richi Jennings at Analysis: It’s DNS. It’s always DNS (unless it’s BGP) Without more details about what happened, which Microsoft has promised to share, it’s hard …

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