Use Case: Disaster Recovery on New Hardware Platform



Disaster recovery procedures dictate the need to automate network and security device configuration. It’s best practice to keep versioning the configuration so it can be restored immediately if a disaster occurs. Additionally, verification of the configuration should be done during the backup procedure.

When a device is identified as defective or when a current device needs an upgrade to a new model, a device configuration backup should be available to be deployed onto the new hardware. Also, there is a need for being able to change configuration lines in the devices easily before the restore process. This is just in case the change in the hardware model affects the network or security configuration.



Automating the process of disaster recovery when replacing different vendors security and network devices to a new machine or model.



  1. Access the devices daily and extract configuration
  2. Keep configuration versioning controlled with retention
  3. Verify configuration files
  4. Ability to customize configuration files when executing restore procedures


BackBox Solution (Use Case)

BackBox gives simplicity to complex tasks, in a case of restoring network and security configuration to a new device the old configuration can be restored with automatic modifications to the configuration.

How BackBox Executes this Solution

  1. Schedules to automate backups
  2. Proprietary verification mechanism to verify the validity of the configuration
  3. Ability to change text-based configuration before the restore process
  4. Customizable restore procedure 


BackBox can automate disaster recovery procedures in complex situations when the restore process needs to be tailored specifically to a new device.

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