Automate CIS Compliance for Fortinet Devices

Thursday April 20, 2023
10:00AM CDT (UTC-5)

In this session we’ll focus on compliance, in particular CIS compliance, and the ways in which BackBox automates Fortinet device administration.

In this session Fortinet administrators will:

  • see how to do a gap analysis and provide a report on where you are non-compliant.
  • understand how BackBox can make you compliant, either automatically, or manually with pre-built automations so there's no scripting or customization necessary.
  • learn how we can keep you compliant and prevent configuration drift by doing a technical inventory daily and nudging things back into compliance as they drift.

Join this webinar to see how BackBox automates Fortinet device administration to make networks safer and administrators’ lives easier.

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Chanoch Marmostein

Director Product Management