Mitigate the KRACK Attack with BackBox

A recent discovery found serious weaknesses in WPA2. Luckily, there is a way that BackBox can help.


WPA2 is used everywhere from PC’s, mobile phones, wireless home and corporate networks; making WPA2 the most popular Wi-Fi protection protocol used today and making this vaulnerbility a concern for everyone. Any device using WPA2 to connect to Wi-Fi can be affected, for the weakness is found in the protocol itself.

How KRACK Works:

An attacker within range of a wireless network protected by WPA2, can exploit the weakness, and read information that was previously assumed to be safely encrypted.

This information can include, credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails, photos and so on. Furthermore, they may also be able to inject ransomware or any other malware into the target network.

To mitigate this attack, it is imperative to inspect all your network’s wireless devices, access points, and wireless LAN controllers to be sure they are upgraded or patched per the vendor’s recommendation.

BackBox Harmonization and Asset Management:

We at BackBox prepared a Harmonization signature that will check your Cisco and Aruba wireless devices and determine which devices have the latest OS versions to prevent this attack from happening. Just as important, a gap analysis will be performed via our Asset Management feature to determine which devices should be upgraded.

We strongly recommend to all of our customers to run the gap analysis and Harmonization signatures across all of their Cisco and Aruba devices immediately.

BackBox is highly customizable, allowing users the ability to create these types of signatures to check any network or security vendor as needed. The ability to create custom signatures is an inherent function of the BackBox solution, available to all BackBox customers.

Contact BackBox Today

You can download the latest version of any current signature from support@backbox.com or open a support ticket to discuss the creation of new signatures for other technologies.

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