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Network Monitoring: How Can You Improve Security and Efficiency?


All major industries have been digitized and operate on networks of systems. Just installing networking systems is not enough for an organization to operate smoothly. Systems and entire networks have to undergo health checks to ensure that nothing goes wrong when least expected.

With so many new developments, everything now runs on a complex network of applications and software. For the best results, health checks need to be performed at the application level to ensure that all networked systems are performing as effectively and efficiently as possible. Any problem with even one application could impact the whole network.

What organizations need is specialized network monitoring which performs health checks at the application level of the systems. Network Monitoring that identifies and remediates any issues in the applications will be a lot more valuable to an organization preventing unwanted system failures.


Why Does Your Organization Need Network Monitoring Software?

Let’s look at a very real example to understand why application level monitoring is required. Individual systems and systems on a larger network all need to be protected from security risks. Hacking attacks, malware and so on can cause a whole host of problems for the users of those systems. The most common way to protect systems is to install a firewall.

In the ever-changing technology environment, firewalls have to be regularly updated and upgraded. A firewall that is not upgraded is incapable of protecting a system from newly developed malware. There is, however, a significant problem with upgrading a firewall; The upgrade can make changes in the security and network configurations of a system.

If left unnoticed, these changes can pose a very serious security risk. Manually detecting configuration changes can be extremely tedious and are not fool-proof. Numerous errors could occur leaving the entire network vulnerable. A feature that automatically detects configuration changes would be very useful.

For this reason, all organizations, especially those that run on large networks need to have Network Monitoring. Network Monitoring that performs regular health checks on all devices in a network can save an organization a lot of unnecessary setbacks as a result of a security breach.

In the case of the firewall upgrade example, application level health checks need to be performed, and configuration changes detected. The next step of the Network Monitoring feature is to then address the issue by re-configuring the application to its original state. The dual purpose of Network Monitoring is something that all organizations need to save time and effort, ensuring their systems are secure. BackBox’s IntelliChecks can do just that. 


What are IntelliChecks?

BackBox has application level Network Monitoring. This feature operates on three levels that include performance checks, operational checks, and security checks. The performance checks can check variables like VPN throughput, the number of users connected, connection table usage and so on. Operational checks can help organizations comply with policy standards, company standards, and also automatically remediate nonstandard configurations. Finally, security checks help identify security risks like active vulnerable protocols password complexity, and CVE vulnerability.

The Network Monitoring provided by BackBox connects to your devices in a defined interval and checks things at the application level. This feature is called IntelliChecks. IntelliChecks verifies the health of your systems ensuring uniformity and consistency of your device configurations by using a predefined signature set. With IntelliChecks, BackBox goes beyond regular monitoring solutions, allowing  for much deeper intelligence that is otherwise not available.

The IntelliCheck feature is completely automated and can access all security and network devices at the application level. This level of network monitoring greatly increases the efficiency and security of all the networked systems. With BackBox’s IntelliChecks feature, organizations no longer have to worry about the health of their systems.


Network Trends

However, the benefit of the IntelliChecks Network Monitoring feature from BackBox, does not stop there. This  feature also monitors trends.  Trends from BackBox enables all measurable data captured during these checks to be collected and saved. Over time, this data can be reviewed to help identify system and device needs. Organizations can use Trends, to assist in capacity planning, identify the need for upgrades, replacements or even configuration changes, to name a few.

IntelliChecks + Network Health Checks + Trends have all the devices on your network covered, offering unparalleled security and efficiency of an organizations through application level monitoring.


About BackBox

BackBox is the leading global provider of Intelligent Automation for all Security and Networking devices, providing the ability to automate the backup and secure storage of device configurations, single-click recovery, real-time inventory management, custom task automation, pre-emptive health checks and infrastructure compliance (IntelliChecks) as well as controlled and logged access to all devices.

Supporting over 160+ technology partners, BackBox offers a simple, consolidated and centralized approach to automating the backup, recovery and management of all devices on the network.

BackBox’s Network Monitoring functionality is just one of the many features offered within the BackBox Intelligent Automation Platform.

Additional functionality offered by BackBox includes:

Automated Backup and RecoveryNetwork VisualizationDynamic Asset ManagementNetwork Task Automation | IntelliChecks + TrendsAccess Management


BackBox’s capabilities open a world of benefits to customers which include:

  • Automated Disaster Recovery
  • Backup Verification
  • Centralized Device Management
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Dynamic Inventory
  • Multi-vendor Support
  • Cloud Support


With the comprehensive BackBox offering, organizations can prepare themselves for any eventuality or scenario that may be encountered. The BackBox Intelligent Automation Platform has been diligently developed to ensure the security and backup of all security and network devices within an organizations network.


It is BackBox’s goal to help organizations achieve a seamless, homogeneous operation in today’s diverse security and network landscapes. Whether it be our support team, our development team or account management team, our commitment to delivering excellence in all that we do provides our customers the confidence that their complex IT infrastructure is resilient and consistently operating effectively and efficiently. Our solutions are not only cost-effective but also save you money in the long run.

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