Preventive Network Measures to Protect Your Data

When we talk about preventive network measures, we are essentially referring to network security. A security design that protects the usability and integrity of not just your network but also your data is referred to as a design for network security. Both hardware and software are utilized in the design to target an abundance of threats and stop them from entering and spreading in the network. Multiple layers of defenses are put into play so as to be able to secure your organization’s and your customer’s data.

Network security is important because even the smallest of attacks can cause you to lose a lot of data. Now, when this data belongs to the customers, it is even more daunting since they will lose trust in the promise that you made them and will eventually ruin your business. It is also important since your company’s data is highly sensitive and confidential. You must always make sure to keep your data highly secured to minimize and eliminate every possible threat that will spell doom for your company.

There are several types of network security measures that a company can utilize. Be it access control, antivirus, cloud security, VPN, web security, or firewalls; the list is never-ending. Given below are the most common network threats faced by a company.

  • DOS or Denial of Service attacks
  • Stolen hardware (laptops, mobiles, etc)
  • Malware and viruses
  • Spyware and adware
  • Worms and phishing (spear phishing)
  • Wi-Fi attacks

There are several preventive network measures for each of these threats, and you should choose them in a way that they fit the requirements of your company. If you are looking for preventive network measures to protect your data from attacks and for them to act as disaster recovery solutions, here is a list of them and a quick view of all of them. All these measures are general preventive network measures and should be considered a must by every company.

Educate your employees about data privacy

 No amount of deployment of preventive network measures will do your company any good if you do not educate your employees regarding the same. They need to be aware of the security issues that they face every day that they log into their office devices and go to work. Seminars should be held about safe online habits and how to carry out proactive defense steps if they need to. Your employees, as end users, should make sure to carry out network backup and not do anything that would pose a threat to the data of not just the company but also their customers.

Carry out a network data backup regularly

A company deals with a humongous amount of data on a daily basis. This data does not just belong to the company but also to the customers. In the face of a disaster, this data can get lost in under seconds, thus putting you at the wrath of your customers, losing your reputation and business, and also a lawsuit. Thus, it is vital to regularly carry out network data backup, whether in onsite storage devices or on the cloud. Incremental data backups should take place every night after active operations at your company have closed. Complete network backups should be done weekly.

Secure every laptop, mobile device, and tablet

Every device needs to be secured with top-notch preventive network measures if it has even the smallest amount of information or data concerning the company. Laptops, mobiles, and tablets are mobile devices and can be easily stolen. It is essential that you encrypt your hard drive so that without entering your password, no information can be accessed. It is also wise to turn on two-factor authentication. Enable remote wiping on all devices so that even if you think someone can guess your password, you can wipe the hard drive clean before they can unlock it.

Make it a must to set up a firewall 

A firewall is a must preventive network measure, especially if your company is using a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. A firewall can be installed at the server end of a VPN, and it helps protect your company’s network by controlling each and every user and intercepting the malicious ones beforehand. Internet traffic to your network is effectively managed, and network management becomes a whole lot easier if you have a firewall put up. Only legitimate users are given access to the VPN, and thus the company data, which adds multiple layers of security to your company.

Push access control by establishing strong passwords

Pushing the cause of access control can help your company boost protection against disasters and attacks. User authentication requires every employee in your company to set up a password. Encourage them to establish strong passwords so that it can get increasingly difficult and sometimes impossible to guess them. Strong passwords are hard to crack and are often a complex combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. They should always be at least 12 characters long. Never use a shared password and change your password every 90 days.

Install antimalware and antivirus solutions

Attacks are never very simple. Your company needs to be prepared on multiple layers and at multiple facets so that there is no scope of an attack. Sophisticated and persistent malware attacks, viruses, spyware, and adware can be taken care of if all your work devices are installed with antimalware and antivirus solutions. They not only deal with malicious attacks when they happen, they even counter them even before they have made a step in destroying your network. These solutions are not only one of the strongest measures; they are also the last line of defense.

Update every software regularly and monitor diligently

Every software that you use, especially the ones which you use as preventive network measures need to be updated regularly. Newer updates keep rolling out regularly, and it is important that you are strongly equipped to tackle all attacks with the latest features available to you. You also need to monitor all functionings regularly, and data leakage prevention software is a good way to go. Anything that would indicate a breach is captured on these types of software, thus keeping you secured from any possible attack. Regular network assessments is also a good idea.

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