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Standard BackBox Pricing

Pay-per-device and by device type, network or security.

  • Built-in Multi Vendor Support

  • Custom Dashboards for Quick Visibility

  • Multi-Method Backup Verification

  • Delegated Administration

  • Scheduled Backups

  • Off-box Storage

  • Real-time Device Testing

  • Device Statistics

  • HTML Job Notification

  • Device Grouping and Filtering

  • VM Support

  • Full Support for New Device Types

Powerful, built-in features

Out-of-the-box, BackBox comes ready to add immediate value to any organization.

Integrated Add-ons

Expand the capabilities to get more possibilities across all your devices.


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What Makes Us Different

BackBox Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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We license per device that is connected to the BackBox software. Each device is categorized in to one of two options; Simple devices (routers and switches) and Complex devices (firewalls, proxies, load-balancers, VPN, etc.)

Security devices (firewalls, proxies, load-balancers, VPN, etc.) typically cost a premium due to the complexity of importance of the devices. Network Devices (routers, switches) also have the ability to be connected to BackBox and are licensed at a significantly lower rate.

BackBox supports more then 180 Vendors out of the box (click here to see the full list). Furthermore BackBox is highly customizable and can quickly add support to any given product.

Adding a new device to BackBox is very easy. Our support team is standing by to add for you (typically takes only 1 business day), or customer’s have the ability to add devices themselves as well.

BackBox professional services covers any customization needed on the product, and any issue that our customers encounter. It also includes free updates to scripts and product upgrades.

Yes, BackBox will do this for customers with active support contracts. No additional professional services hours are required.

BackBox is supports multi-tenancy environments and distributed infrastructure. You can easily separate and control different areas of your network.

Yes. BackBox has an HA solution that can help customers sync all their important data to DR site.

Yes, BackBox has a RESTful API that can be used to integrate with other applications.

BackBox is agent-less, there is no need to install or change configuration on the remote device. All tasks are done automatically.

Yes, BackBox has a task automation capability available. This add-on allows BackBox users to create tasks like, “push configuration” or “upgrade multiple devices” in a single click of a button. These tasks can also be pushed to multiple devices at once, saving time and energy.

BackBox connects to the device using vendor defined protocols. BackBox executes the same commands and runs the backup using vendor best practices.

BackBox can elevate the use of wide variety of protocols, SSH, Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, SCP, FTP, TFTP etc.

BackBox value confidentiality more then everything, all credentials and files are encrypted in advanced encryption algorithms like AES256.

Backups are stored locally on the BackBox server.

This varies based on the amount of disk space allocated to the server. BackBox has retention policies that can be defined to easily manage disk space.

Yes, BackBox has a retention policy that controls how many backup customer’s can save. It can also be adjusted on a daily , weekly or a monthly retention policy.

BackBox has a built in mechanism to backup the configuration and the data stored within it, so BackBox can indeed, backup itself.

BackBox has the ability to compare text-based configurations.

Of Course! We can supply a free 30-day evaluation license to asses all the great things you can achieve with BackBox. Click Here to get that process started.