Use Case: Push Bulk Network Configuration Commands To Multiple Devices



When organizations grow, network and security teams deal with a variety of challenges. One of the challenges they face is handling network configuration for their devices properly and implementing their existing configuration onto the new network and security devices.

When an organisation wants to create a template for hundreds of new devices, they will usually take an existing network configuration backup file and restore it to all of the new devices with a few changes to the network configuration.



The challenge was needing to apply the existing legacy scripts to multiple new devices manually.

Doing the implementation manually is usually not an easy task and can take a few minutes for each new device added to the network. Avoiding human errors and applying configuration fast is critical.



  1. Apply the script quickly on multiple devices.
  2. Apply the script while avoiding human errors.
  3. Apply the script to multiple sites across the globe.


BackBox Solution (Use Case)

Push the configuration by running commands from a text file with BackBox’s task automation.

How BackBox Executes this Solution

    1. Uploading a text file containing a set of commands.
    2. Connect to the new device(s).
    3. Run the commands in the file, in order, one by one.


Recap Statement

By utilizing BackBox’s task automation and orchestration, an organization is able to run bulk commands on multiple devices quickly, without human errors.


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