Intelligent Network Automation for Cisco Secure

Cisco Secure Technical Alliance Program

The Cisco Secure Technology Alliance is a security ecosystem that facilitates open, multivendor product integrations to improve security effectiveness through automation and operational simplicity. It partners with over 200 key security vendors and integrates with over ten Cisco security products. Cisco integrations enable automated data sharing to make multivendor technologies function as one. Contextual data sharing allows you to take action to rapidly and automatically contain threats anywhere in your on-premises or cloud network.

BackBox and Cisco Secure Integrated Solution

The Cisco Secure and BackBox integrated solution provides automated backup and recovery of Cisco Secure Firewalls and other devices, eliminating the need to either manually backup devices or have customize in-house scripting, minimizing downtime when recovery is needed.

BackBox collects asset information from Cisco Secure Firewalls and other devices and then reports on inventory information, including license information, device model, serial number, and more.

BackBox can change operating system-level parameters on multiple devices from multiple vendors across the network with a single click, providing customers or network administrators with the option of delegating administrative tasks to individuals who do not require full policy access, in turn minimizing human errors that could lead to configuration errors.

The seamless integration of BackBox and Cisco devices enables organizations to continuously comply with internal and industry security policies and regulations. Users can employ BackBox to track configuration changes and differences from the baseline and have automatic remediation of these deviations to prevent violations against any policies and regulations.

Integration Highlights

  • Automated IOS upgrades and patches for Cisco Secure devices and OS upgrades for devices from other vendors across your network infrastructure in a timely manner to maintain security posture

  • Automated remediation of discovered compliance conflicts or security vulnerabilities of Cisco Secure devices configuration to comply with organization or industry/government policies or standards

  • Monitor device performance and status of Cisco Secure and other vendors’ network and security devices to predict possible outages so that proactive actions can be taken as preventive measures

  • Automated backup of the latest configurations of Cisco Secure devices. The self-verification mechanism of BackBox ensures configuration backup files validity

  • Automated discovery of Cisco Secure devices connected to the network for tight management of device inventory to comply with cybersecurity standards, such as CIS

  • Easily restore Cisco Secure devices configuration with ‘single-click’ disaster recovery to minimize downtime

Supported Cisco Network Products

  • Firepower

  • FireSight

  • 6500 WiSM

  • ACS

  • ASA / FWSM

  • CatOS Switch

  • IPS 

  • Ironport

  • Nexus Switch

  • PIX 

  • Router

  • Switch

  • WLC

  • CUCM

  • Wireless AP 

  • UCS 

  • ACE

  • NAM

  • Prime

  • ISE

  • GSS

  • Linksys SRW Series

  • TelePresence

  • MCU

  • NAC

  • CMS


  • Firepower Chassis Manager 

  • DCNM

  • Firepower Threat Defense

With its unique customization options, BackBox can be configured to support any device in your network.

If your specific product does not appear in the list above, please contact support and we will work with you to make sure that BackBox can support your entire infrastructure.

See for yourself how consistent and reliable your device backups and upgrades can be