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Network Inventory & Asset Management


Keeping track of Device Types, Serial Numbers, Licenses, Versions and more is a tedious, manual and time consuming task. BackBox dynamically pulls asset information from the devices and allows for real-time reporting of infrastructure asset information.

Using its backup schedule, BackBox automatically pulls in dynamic, network asset information from the network and security devices files. The ability to read this information, allows BackBox to provide users with a complete set of asset management information residing on the network.

BackBox reports on hardware information such as CPUs, RAM, and storage, model and type information for devices, licensing information, and much more. The data is refreshed with every backup so it’s always current, and has customizable fields so you can access the exact information you want.

BackBox can also provide a complete infrastructure report by device type

  • Refresh data with every backup
  • Customizable Fields
  • Full infrastructure Report by type of Device
Network Inventory & Asset Management - Inventory Report - BackBox.com
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Network Visualization Mapping

Using the Inventory Management feature, BackBox is also able to provide users with a real-time map view of their network.

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