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INTELLICHECKS: Network Health Checks

Performance, Operations and Security Health Checks + Trends

Contrary to regular network monitoring solutions, BackBox comes with a predefined signature set that can check the health of your systems and keep uniformity and consistency of your device configuration. Contrary to regular monitoring solutions, BackBox can check things on the application level, what allows for much deeper intelligence, that is not available otherwise.

Network Performance Checks - BackBox SoftwarePERFORMANCE CHECKS
One set of signatures are performance signatures, that can check things like VPN throughput, number of users connected, connection table usage and so on.

Network Operational Checks - BackBox SoftwareOPERATIONAL CHECKS
BackBox also has a set of predefined signatures for operational checks that can help you comply with policy standards, company standards and also auto remediate fixing of nonstandard configuration.

Network Security Checks - BackBox SoftwareSECURITY CHECKS
This set of predefined signatures can help identify network security risks. This set can help identify security risks like vulnerable protocols that are activated, passwords complexity and CVE vulnerability.

Any measurable data that is taken during these checks can be collected, saved and reviewed over time to identify the device needs; such as upgrades, replacements or just the need to apply configuration changes.