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Dynamic Network Inventory Management

Using its backup schedule, BackBox automatically pulls in dynamic network inventory information from network devices.

BackBox reports on hardware information such as CPUs, RAM, and storage, model and type information for devices, licensing information, and much more. The data is refreshed with every backup so it’s always current, and has customizable fields so you can access the exact information you want.

BackBox can also provide a complete network infrastructure report by device type

  • Refresh data with every backup
  • Customizable Fields
  • Full infrastructure Report by type of Device





CPU Type


Disk %

CheckPoint Management Server R75.40 Smart-1 25 Quad Core 5520 2048MB 85%
CheckPoint Cluster Node 1 R75.40 UTM 12400 25 Dual Core 5520 2048MB 55%
CheckPoint Cluster Node 2 R75.40 UTM 12400 25 Dual Core 5520 2048MB 40%
Cisco_3760 IOS 12.4 Catalyst 3760 128MB
DNS Server CentOS 5.4 CentOS 5.4 Dual XEON 4096MB 67%