Integrating Network Automation with Vulnerability Management

BackBox introduces the addition of the new Network Vulnerability Manager to our Network Automation Platform. BackBox integrates automated OS upgrades and network configuration changes with network vulnerability management into common workflows within a robust, multivendor network automation environment.

Network Vulnerability Manager is purpose-built for network teams to easily discover vulnerabilities in their network, prioritize CVEs according to their unique risk profile, and automate multiple levels of remediation, no matter the network complexity.

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NVM Overview

Prioritize device patching based on actual risk

Close the loop between dynamic inventory, vulnerability management, threat intelligence for firewalls and other network and security devices, and automated OS upgrades:

  • Identify new vulnerabilities and classify by threat level as they surface.
  • Map those against your unique and dynamic network inventory.
  • Plan and automate hardware replacements around vendor driven EOL (End of Life) data.
  • Automate mitigation through configuration changes and network and firewall OS upgrades and patches.

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