BackBox Recognized for Superior Customer Support and Ease of Use with Multiple G2 Customer Review Awards

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We’re excited to share that BackBox has received several awards through our customer reviews in G2 that underscore our focus on supporting customers and creating quality, value-driven products that are easy to use. These specific recognitions include Users Most Likely to Recommend, Easiest to Use, Easiest to do Business With, Best Support Quality and Best Meets Requirements!

These awards are based on the reviews left by users of our platform that highlight the benefits, strengths and use cases of our solution. A recent review from an IT coordinator reads:

“Backbox is a network backup and storage solution that can be used across enterprise networks. It integrates with various security and monitoring tools, making it very easy to use. Setup and use of the backbox are easy for technical users, and we have not encountered any stability issues while using this solution.”

Another recent review from a security architect notes:

“BackBox is very easy to use. Support is awesome. The number of devices and versions supported is enormous. Even if the vendor product is not endorsed, the support team provides assistance for the integration, and the new release has native support for the product. It’s like a swiss knife. You can do the asset management, monitoring, backup/restore, compliance and secure access with the same solution.”

Awards on platforms like G2 are a testament to our dedication to helping customers simplify and automate routine tasks on complex networks to strengthen their security posture. Be sure to check out our latest G2 reviews here that have led us to a 4.6/5 star rating!

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