backbox at cisco live 2023

Network and Security Device Automation

Backbox is a Network and Security Device Automation Platform that supports over 180 vendors, has an Automation Library with thousands of pre-built automations, and makes it simple to build new ones. Enterprises and service providers worldwide trust BackBox on over 100,000 networks to automate and audit anything an admin could do manually, with out of the box solutions for backups, vulnerability patching, compliance, and more.

Come visit our booth to see our new pre-built CIS Benchmark compliance automations written specifically for Cisco. These automations quickly identify non-compliance, help networks become compliant, and automatically report and remediate configuration drift out of compliance.

Schedule time with us to learn more about BackBox and why teams choose BackBox to automate their Cisco implementations.

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josh stephens

            Live in the Cisco Live Security Village  

Josh Stephens, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer will be live in the Security Village Theater not once, but twice! Make sure to catch him at the below times:

Tuesday, June 5 at 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday, June 6 at 3:30 p.m.

During this demonstration you’ll learn how to use network automation to conquer CIS benchmarks, CVE identification and remediation, and implement continuous improvement of your network security hygiene.

Cisco and BackBox Integration

Device backups with 1-click restores, simplified OS updates and vulnerability patching, and compliance remediation to prevent configuration drift are critical areas of integration between BackBox and Cisco.

The BackBox Network Automation Platform complements Cisco with a full suite of automation capabilities that enable pre- and post-checks on the update process, as well simplified backups and restores should an update fail.

Similarly, using the BackBox API allows friendly enterprise integration for streamlines processes like device discovery, inventory, and compliance.