Network and Security Device Automation

Backbox is a Network and Security Device Automation Platform that supports over 180 vendors, has an Automation Library with thousands of pre-built automations, and makes it simple to build new ones. Enterprises and service providers worldwide trust BackBox on over 100,000 networks to automate and audit anything an admin could do manually, with out of the box solutions for backups, vulnerability patching, compliance, and more.

Come visit our booth to see our new pre-built CIS Benchmark compliance automations. These automations quickly identify non-compliance, help networks become compliant, and automatically report and remediate configuration drift out of compliance.

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Find us at Booth #D92 to see a demo of the latest and greatest version of our network automation platform, BackBox 7.

Automate CIS Compliance with BackBox

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks are vendor-specific configuration recommendations to help organizations reduce risk and demonstrate compliance with various government and industry regulations. Network operations and network security teams use the recommendations and best practices to safeguard devices against today’s evolving cyber threats that take advantage of vulnerabilities to exfiltrate data and disrupt operations.

Implementing these guidelines typically requires significant manual and administrative work with a strong potential for human error. For every single device, every step in the process requires manual intervention – from checking configurations for compliance to remediating when needed, creating reports, and staying current with updates. In single-vendor environments CIS compliance is unwieldy, but in multi-vendor environments it can become overwhelming quickly.

Fortunately, there’s a better way for network operations teams and service providers of all types to keep networks up to date on the latest CIS guidelines.