Closed-Loop Network Vulnerability Management

BackBox Network Vulnerability Manager

  • Identify and analyze new vulnerabilities and other threats as they surface

  • Map those against your unique and dynamic infrastructure on an ongoing basis

  • Determine and prioritize appropriate updates according to the actual threats to your environment

  • Automate remediation without disrupting network operations

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Prioritize device patching based on actual risk

NetOps teams use BackBox Network Vulnerability Manager to understand the risk profile of their exact network device inventory, and automate the updates that minimize their network vulnerabilities. Devices are discovered through an automated process that includes collecting a device inventory which is mapped against vulnerabilities and CVEs.

After the initial discovery and inventory, administrators continue to gain daily inventory information directly from the network itself through a discovery-automation, rather than  manually tracking adds, moves, and changes. Having a daily inventory means information about the network is always up to date.

The CVE, vulnerability, and risk data that informs the analysis is also updated daily, giving administrators a current view on their network exposure to cyberthreats. If a new release has a bug affecting their deployment, risk-adjusted scenarios can be examined to determine the optimal update path.

Securely and reliably automate prioritized patches

BackBox Network Automation is trusted to automate network and security device upgrades and other critical tasks on over 5000 networks worldwide. With BackBox you automate the complete process, not just the end goal, by chaining automations together. For example you can insert pre-checks that validate for updated signatures before installing an upgrade, or add automated and verified backups before and after. Automations can be scheduled to run after-hours, or executed in real time with a single click.

Key Capabilities

Dynamic Inventory Vulnerability Assessment

Administrators are now always working with the actual inventory of the network because of BackBox discovery. This enables administrators to make update decisions with the greatest impact on keeping the overall network as safe as can be.

Devices Mapped to Vulnerability State

Security scores help prioritize devices updates and collaborate with the business. In the past, there was a generalized feeling that being on the latest version of software is better. With Backbox, we quantify the vulnerability state to help administrators make better decisions.

Actionable Insights

Take action and see how updates, even step updates, affect the vulnerability state of the device. Once a plan is made, automate the updates for faster, more efficient network administration.

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