BackBox 7.0 Intelligent Automation for Network and Security Infrastructure

Every organization’s network is comprised of a multitude of devices and technologies, all providing a different purpose and fulfilling specific needs.

These devices require constant maintenance in order to ensure continuous availability and business continuity. If failures occur, the recovery process needs to be immediate, and it’s critical that a company has instant access to recovery procedures to minimize disruption in service.

When tasked with making broad changes across a large number of devices, or when the network needs to be audited to comply with specific standards or policies, automating these manual processes increases speed and efficiency and eliminates the potential for human error.


BackBox Features

  • Multi-vendor support (over 180+ technology vendors).

  • Web-based, centralized management dashboards.

  • Live status information and reporting.

  • 5-Step backup verifications

  • Push device changes and files to multiple devices simultaneously.

  • Consistency and uniformity of device configurations, with side-by-side comparisons

  • Proprietary customization engine that supports easy, on-the-fly changes and additions

  • Automated device health checks.

  • Time-lapse of device health and compliance history.

  • Multi-tenant, distributed architecture.

  • Built-in dynamic firewall.

  • Granular administration rules and access parameters

  • Audited device access.

  • Open API and customization wizard.

  • Professional services support includes a 24 to 48-hour turnaround to add custom devices.

BackBox Also Provides Additional Add-On Capabilities Such As:

Intellichecks (with Trends)
Performance Checks | Operations Checks | Security Checks

Access Auditing

BackBox offers a simple way to intelligently automate the backup, restoration, and management of all devices on the network by providing centralized management for over 180 different technology manufacturers.

Firewalls, routers, switches, and load balancers currently make up the core of networking devices in the enterprise today. Each one plays a critical role in the availability and security of an organization’s network. BackBox is designed to ensure that they all continue to function effectively and effortlessly, streamlining operations for optimal performance.

When BackBox connected to all devices on the network, many of the mundane and manual routine management procedures become scheduled and automated, providing organizations with peace of mind and saving time, money, and resources.

BackBox supports over 180 security and network vendors, including:


BackBox Version 7.0 | NEW FEATURES

  • backup-recovery trans

    Disaster Recovery Automation

  • Automated Backup, Single Click Recovery

    BackBox automates disaster recovery procedures by enabling users to schedule automated backups of all the devices on the network. With BackBox, users are able to schedule and store any number of configuration backups, for as long as they are needed. This feature eliminates the need for manual or scripted backup procedures, by pulling all the configuration files required for recovery and storing them in a central and secure location.

  • Backup Verification

    BackBox supports a unique 5-step verification process to make sure that the configuration files stored can be used for successful recovery. A backup is only worthwhile if it is usable when you need it, and BackBox’s verification system ensures that all of the components necessary for restoration are captured, usable and untampered with.

  • Single Click Recovery

    BackBox When a device needs to be replaced or a configuration restored, BackBox minimizes recovery time by executing all the necessary tasks with a single click.

  • Task Automation

    BackBox comes with a set of pre-configured tasks that can alter configuration settings on multiple devices. These tasks can be as simple as adding or removing an administrator from devices, or as elaborate as preforming complex automated upgrades or hot-fixes to multiple devices with the single click of a mouse.

    Adding a configuration to a single device is an easy process, but in a situation when you need to push a configuration to a large number of devices from multiple vendors, it becomes time consuming and more complex.

    Operating system level parameters, access lists, policy changes, routing, and many other common configurations can now be applied to numerous devices at one time.

  • Enforce-Security-and-Compliance-Policies


  • (Performance, Operations, Security) + Trends

    In contrary to regular monitoring solutions, BackBox can check things on the application level, what allows for much deeper intelligence, that is not available otherwise.

  • Unlike network monitoring solutions, BackBox can read and report on the application level, allowing for much deeper intelligence.

  • BackBox comes with a predefined signature set that can check the health of your systems and keep uniformity and consistency of your device configuration. One set of signatures are performance signatures, that can check things like VPN throughput, number of users connected, connection table usage and so on. BackBox also has a set of predefined signatures for operational checks that can help you comply with policy standards, company standards and also auto remediate fixing of nonstandard configuration.

  • Another set of predefined signatures relates specifically to security checks. This set can help identify security risks like vulnerable protocols that are activated, passwords complexity and CVE vulnerability.

Any measurable data that is taken during these checks can be collected, saved and reviewed over time to identify the device needs; such as upgrades, replacements or just the need to apply configuration changes.


BackBox is designed to ensure that all networking devices continue to function effectively and effortlessly, streamlining operations for optimal performance.

  • Enforce-Security-and-Compliance-Policies

    Access Auditing

Access Management adds the ability for BackBox to connect to remote devices without the need of a 3rd party software. It improves the connection experience by giving SSH, TELNET and RDP access from one console to all of your devices connected to BackBox.

With this add-on, BackBox can open any number of terminal windows to multiple remote devices, and even broadcast the same commands to multiple windows, saving users time and the frustration of manually executing repeatable and mundane commands over and over.

Adding this feature to your BackBox install will also give you the ability to save and execute both pre-defined and custom commands. It will also allow any session opened to be audited and searchable too; which means you can search and find specific commands, who executed them, and even watch a video recording of the session.

  • How BackBox differentiates from Competitors and Home Grown Scripts


Centralized management for over 180+ technologies • Automated device backups with verification & reporting • Single-click recovery • Custom task automation • Access auditing & reporting • Dynamic inventory management plus network visualization map • Preemptive device health checks for device performance, operations and security

See for yourself how consistent and reliable your device backups and upgrades can be