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How it works

Vulnerability assessment, management, and automation all in the same platform

BackBox Network Vulnerability Manager is the first and only platform that combines network automation and network device vulnerability management in a way that is purpose-built for network teams to easily discover vulnerabilities in their network, prioritize them according to the risk to their own environment, and automate multiple levels of remediation, no matter the network complexity.

BackBox is trusted to automate network and security device upgrades and other critical tasks on over 5000 networks worldwide. NetOps teams use BackBox Network Vulnerability Manager to understand the risk profile of their exact network device inventory and automate the updates that minimize their network vulnerabilities.

Initial discovery

Devices are discovered through an automated inventory process which is then mapped against vulnerabilities and CVEs.

Ongoing inventory updates

The BackBox NVM continues to gain daily discovery updates, eliminating the need to manually track adds, moves, and changes. This automated discovery process means administrators always have up-to-date information about the network.

Real-time risk assessment data

CVE, vulnerability, and risk data is also updated daily, giving administrators a current view of their network exposure to cyberthreats.

Automated, prioritized patches

Ongoing risk analysis and inventory updates allow for automated, real-time assessment and prioritization of remediation. If, for example, a new release has a bug affecting deployment, risk-adjusted scenarios can be examined to determine the optimal update path.

Comprehensive network automation

BackBox NVM is a closed-loop vulnerability management system in that it allows for automation of the full process entirely within the BackBox environment, from device discovery to real-time risk identification and assessment to prioritization and deployment of upgrades.

Key Capabilities

Dynamic inventory vulnerability assessment

Automated discovery through BackBox NVM means administrators are always working with the real-time network inventory, allowing them to prioritiz the updates with the greatest impact on their network security.

Devices mapped to vulnerability state

BackBox quantifies vulnerability states and scores each device on the network based on it's current OS version and other inventory details. Upgrading to the latest version is not always the right solution. NVM helps you understand how your unique topography is affected by each new vulnerability.

Secure, reliable automation of prioritized patches

With BackBox you automate the complete process, not just the end goal, by chaining automations together. For example, you can insert pre-checks that validate for updated signatures before installing an upgrade, or add automated and verified backups before and after. Automations can be scheduled to run after-hours, or executed in real-time with a single click.

Actionable insights

Within the BackBox platform, see how potential actions, even step updates, will affect the vulnerability state of the device. Make an actionable plan and automate the updates for faster, more efficient network administration.

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Watch Josh Stephens, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, and Chanoch Marmorstein, Director of Product Management discuss closed-loop vulnerability management, automating OS upgrades and patch management, and what the launch of the BackBox NVM tool means for NetOps teams and MSPs.

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