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Automated Backup & Recovery Solutions

BackBox provides a single, central repository for all your network device configuration backups. Eliminating the need for manual or scripted backup procedures, BackBox will pull all configuration files required for recovery.

Backing up network device configurations is critical, but more importantly every organization has to be confident that these backup procedures are all verified. Not only does BackBox allow for your backups to be automatically scheduled and stored on a regular basis, but BackBox takes every step to ensure your network configuration backups are verified using our 4 methods of verification.

Automated Backup & Recovery Solution - Backup History - BackBox.com

Single-Click Backup Recovery

One of the outstanding features of BackBox is that when a device has to be replaced, or when a configuration needs to be restored, BackBox can be used to minimize recovery time.

Single-Click Backup Recovery - BackBox.com

With single-click recovery, your BackBox administrator can push a recent backup file to a device and automatically run the recovery procedure.

Additionally, BackBox includes step-by-step disaster recovery procedures should a manual recovery process be appropriate. The result is minimized downtime and less disruption to business. BackBox will ensure that Disaster Recovery is no longer a challenge.