Six Pillars to Secure Your Network

Tired of shaky passwords and god-mode admins? BackBox ZTNO™ isn’t just a security buzzword, it’s a six-step plan to automate zero trust security for your network devices:

Credential Vault Logins

Replace risky passwords with secure vaults to stop unauthorized access inside and outside the firewall.

Granular Access

Lock down access to critical areas and keep bad actors at bay.

Zero-Threat Entry

Don’t let vulnerabilities sneak in. Scan and eliminate vulnerabilities before they join your network.

Start Compliant

Automatically onboard devices with your standard configurations, every single time.

Continuous Security

Patch configurations before drift becomes a problem. Our automation keeps your devices constantly protected.

Stress-Free Audits

Automate compliance reporting to eliminate reporting nightmares and free you up to focus on your business.

Why BackBox

Automate Network Security, Simplify Zero Trust for NetOps

BackBox delivers network security automation that’s built for everyday NetOps.
  • Six Pillars of Strength: We provide a powerful suite of automation tools to tackle key ZTNO™ principles like continuous trust verification, device vulnerability mitigation, and privileged access control.

  • No-Nonsense ZTNO™: BackBox focuses on practical solutions, not buzzwords. Our tools are built by network engineers for network engineers, designed for ease of use and real-world effectiveness.

  • Fast Results, No Drama: Forget slow, complex deployments. BackBox gets you up and running quickly and efficiently, so you can start reaping the benefits of ZTNO™ without the drama.

  • Universal Network Control: BackBox plays nice with all your existing network and security devices. One platform, total control over your network security.

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Zero trust is the term for an evolving set of cybersecurity paradigms that move defenses from static, network-based perimeters to focus on users, assets, and resources. Zero trust replaces implicit trust with continually assessed risk and trust levels, based on identity and context.

Most organizations have a zero trust strategy for information security. Increasingly, IT leaders, including network teams, are being asked to apply zero trust concepts to their network infrastructure and operations.

Continuous monitoring and validation

Trust is never assumed. Every access attempt, whether from a network engineer or a device attaching to the network, is continuously assessed. This constant vigilance helps identify and thwart unauthorized access attempts before they reach sensitive data.

Least privilege

Users and devices are granted only the minimum level of access needed to perform their specific tasks. This minimizes the potential damage if a breach occurs, limiting an attacker’s ability to move laterally within the network and access sensitive data. Imagine giving out only specific keys to specific rooms instead of a master key to the whole house.

Device access control

Not just users, but also devices accessing the network are subject to rigorous control. This includes verifying device security posture, enforcing endpoint protection measures, and restricting unauthorized devices from accessing sensitive resources. Think of it as having a bouncer checking IDs and security certificates before letting devices into the digital club.

Forget the “castle-and-moat” approach to network security. With BackBox’s Zero Trust NetOps (ZTNO™), even those inside the wall aren’t automatically trusted.

ZTNO™ rests on six key pillars, making your network a fortress of granular control:

For Humans (Network Administrators and CI/CD Pipelines):
  • No backdoor passwords.

    All logins go through a secure vault, and API calls use certificates, eliminating weak points.

  • Privileged access, locked down.

    We monitor and record every admin action, with all control centralized for ultimate accountability.

For Network Devices:
  • Compliance built-in.

    Devices can’t join the party unless they conform to your configuration standards.

  • Vulnerability? Not here.

    BackBox identifies and fixes device vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

  • Constant vigilance.

    We continuously monitor and remediate, ensuring your network stays safe and compliant.

  • Knowledge is power.

    Get detailed reports on just about anything your admin does or your device is doing, so you can stay ahead of threats and vulnerabilities.

ZTNO™ isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a revolution in network security. BackBox gives you the tools and strategy to build a network that’s secure, transparent, and adaptable.